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Mercy at MercyNashville – January 27, 2016


Susan Roethemeyer

Mercy At Mercy

My second hospital stay was at Mercy in St. Louis.

They were very nice, although – being a hospital – I wasn’t as comfortable as I wished to be.

They made a good effort to make things as nice as possible for a hurting lady.

On the room board that lists the name of your daily tech and nurse, one of the techs had drawn a cute little cartoon dog, with the word “Welcome!” written underneath.

I was delighted, and drew a cartoon of my own : A cat who was looking up at the dog and thinking “Thanks!”

Out the window was a view of a lovely courtyard.

There were several fountains, some lovely statues, nice stone walls enclosing beds of what may be flowers in the spring and summer, and lots of tables and chairs for folks to eat lunch outside and enjoy the landscaping.

Of course the trees were bare so I could have an unencumbered view. It made me want to come back in the warm weather and enjoy the courtyard!

The nearby waiting room was very comfortable, and when I explored it, I found a small collection of books on bookshelves. I took a book or two to my room and returned them when I was done with them.

The day or so I spent in Intensive care was a little fuzzy, because they gave me morphine for the pain. But during the time I spent awake and aware, the people were very kind.

Doctors visited (not very often, of course, because they are so busy) and one even showed me what the CAT scan showed about my injury.

But the best thing that happened at Mercy was — No Operation!

The nice people were a mercy.

The view was a mercy.

The reading materials were a mercy

The pain medication was a mercy.

And the biggest mercy was that the doctor decided I did not need an operation.

What a Mercy!