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Ruby Red Jewels Visit Eats And Treats In Okawville

The Ruby Red Jewels enjoyed a luncheon at Eats and Treats in Okawville. The bakery and restaurant served delicious sandwiches, salads, and sweet treats. One of the special features of this location is the warmth and friendliness of the staff and customers. It is a very cozy place to enjoy a luncheon. Three red hat birthdays were celebrated by singing “Happy Birthday” and by dining on a especially decorated red hat birthday cake baked by the restaurant owner, Whitney Weeke. Hostess, Mary Ann Borowiak provided the yummy french vanilla cake for all the ladies to enjoy.

Birthday lady, Phyllis Diedrich, provided a tine of chocolate pirouline sticks for each of the ladies as a treat to help celebrate her birthday. A big surprise was a visit from the editor of the Okawville Times, Deb Stricker. She interviewed the red hatters, took pictures, and gave complimentary papers to the ladies.

Following the luncheon, the ladies discussed recent business. A reminder was stated about the upcoming payment of annual dues. Thank you cards were read from members who had recently been ill or hospitalized. The February meeting will be held at the Oakdale Kitchen.

Those attending were the three birthday ladies wearing their purple hats: Phyllis Diedrich, Georgine Hawley-May, and Laura Paszkiewicz. The other red hatters were: Jerri Heggemeier, Karen Lunte, Betty Renken, Marge Rensing, Sandy Turner, Ann Wojtowicz, and hostess, Mary Ann Borowiak.