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Washington County Vocational Workshop Celebrates Christmas

On December 23, 2015 WCVW held its annual Client Christmas party. We had several parents and other guests who also attended. Everyone had a great time singing, playing games, eating pizza, seeing Santa and oping gifts.

WCVW would like to recognize and give thanks to those who helped to make this day so special, including:

1. The Sons of the American Legion who gave their annual donation of $100.

2. Alice Hicks (parent) and Jim Hale for playing the guitar and leading the Christmas sing-a-long.

3. Casey’s for giving us a discount on the pizzas.

4. Julia Karmeier (parent) for the trays of delicious homemade cookies and candies for our treats.

5. Josh Smith for donating a new Santa suit for the workshop.

6. Lee’s for giving us a discount on the long-sleeved t-shirts.

And of course-

7. Santa/Jim Rabe (former employee) for spreading holiday sheer and handing out the presents with the help of his elf, Kailynne (his daughter).

Renda J. Rabe, Director of Developmental Training