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Dances With WindNashvilleFebruary 3, 2016


Susan Roethemeyer

Dances With Wind

Can we see the wind?

No, not in and of itself.

But we can see what the wind can do.

It can blow tree branches back and forth.

In devastating forms like tornadoes and hurricanes, it can flatten houses, tear apart buildings, push over huge trees that have been growing peacefully for generations.

We saw first hand what a tornado can do when one hit New Minden a couple years ago.

Houses destroyed, a church steeple torn down, the church bell half buried in the ground, even gravestones pushed over.

But wind can be gentle, too.

It can cool your forehead on a hot day, it can tickle the wheat fields into bowing and creating patterns in the moving stems.

It can play with leaves, lifting them high above and then send them swirling down to skitter on the road.

And (as I am sure some of you have seen) it will play with plastic bags.

One person saw a bag blowing and jumping beside his car.

It seemed like a jellyfish of the air, he told me, and then, just for a minute, it seemed to dance to the music he was playing in his car.

The bag leaped up the to high note, then gently floated down on the sustained note, as if it were following the music.

He watched it for a couple minutes more, til it was out of sight.

“It was charming,” he said later. “Just like it was dancing with the wind. Like that movie, only this was ‘Dances With Wind.’ “