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January 6 Classic Photo: “Shootin’ Some Hoops”

“That’s gotta be the class of ‘74 or ‘75,” said Dominic Grzegorek about this Classic Photo, a basketball team picture featured in the January 6 edition of The Nashville News. “That’s gotta be JV or Freshmen or Sophomores.”

Grzegorek, who graduated in ‘73 knew some of the young men from the photo, saying they were a bit younger than he was. Looking through old Nashville Community High School yearbooks proved him, correct, with the very photo featured in the paper coming up in the 1972 Hornet yearbook.

The team was the 1972 freshman squad and it wasn’t a great year for them, with a 7 and 1 record for the season. Their only win was a 34-33 victory against Waltonville.

The players shown in the photo were, FRONT ROW, Bill Brammeyer, Gary Jones, James Weihe, Lindsey Lietz, John Lackey, Jerry Jones, William Huffstutler, Charles Wagner, BACK ROW, Nathan Woker, Keith Price, Paul Kroener, Mark Meinert, Michael Janssen, Craig Wilkey, Daniel Harre, and Keith Grote.