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Maschhoffs Honor Employees for Service

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ABOVE: Terry Koelmel, CENTER, came to work for brothers Dave, LEFT, and Ken Maschhoff, RIGHT, more than 30 years ago. He says it never felt like work. Rather, it feels like working with family. BELOW, Numerous team members celebrated 10 years or more with The Maschhoffs in 2015. TOP ROW: Dan Sprague, Dave Maschhoff, Lee Liggett, Ken Maschhoff, Brent Grawe; MIDDLE ROW: John Kroeger, Chris Holle, Jason May; BOTTOM ROW: Margaret Snyder, Terry Koelmel, and Jeanne Jordan.

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Maschhoffs Honor

Employees For Service

The Maschhoffs LLC, North America’s largest family-owned hog production network headquartered in Carlyle, recently recognized numerous team members for their outstanding service tenure.

One team member, Terry Koelmel, celebrated his 30-year anniversary with The Maschhoffs. Koelmel has been a part of the family-owned business almost as long as brothers/owners Dave and Ken Maschhoff. (Dave and Ken own the business in conjunction with their wives, Karen and Julie.) In fact, aside from Dave and Ken, only Senior Consultant Steve Quick has worked at The Maschhoffs longer than Koelmel.

Speaking after the recognition dinner earlier in December, Koelmel remembers it was Quick who approached him all those years ago about coming to work for a local family-owned hog farm.

“I grew up around Shattuc, and Steve grew up right next to me,” Koelmel remembers. “He called and asked if I wanted to come to work for Ken and Dave. At the time, I thought, ‘Sure, I’ll work for them a couple years.’”

Koelmel enjoyed the steady paycheck, but he initially had plans to return to the Shattuc area and build a milking parlor. Yet, the longer he worked on the hog farm, the less he desired a career outside of pork production.

“Working for Ken and Dave, they just treat you like family,” Koelmel says. “That’s why I stayed. I’ve never felt like I was working for a company.”

Over the years, Koelmel has seen a lot of changes at The Maschhoffs. He says the biggest has been the incorporation of new technology. “We used to hand-write everything,” Koelmel says. “Now we use the computer to track everything.”

And, these days, a lot more is being tracked. For the past 20 years, Koelmel has been worked in the genetics department. Years ago, he had no way to accurately assess an animal’s genetic potential. Today, he is able to index the animal’s performance, which is updated as new information comes in each month.

Though the technology has changed over the years, some things have remained the same. “People have always been the secret to our business,” Ken says. “Terrific people like Terry are at the heart of the company’s success.”

Dave agrees, saying, “Early on we realized that to be successful in this business, you have to treat people right. We figured the best way to do that was to treat them like family.”

While Koelmel celebrated his 30th year with The Maschhoffs, numerous other team members celebrated milestones this year, Including:

Christopher Holle – 20 years; Jeanne Jordan – 15 years; Lee Liggett – 15 years; Brent Grawe – 10 years; John Kroeger – 10 years; Jason May – 10 years; Ben Poletti – 10 years; Margaret Snyder – 10 years; Dan Sprague – 10 years.