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Nashville Fire Protection Report Shows More Calls, Less Damage In 2015 Than 2014

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville Fire Protection District published their annual report for 2015, showing an increase in calls by 22.3-percent over 2014 while also showing $111,000 less in total damage than that year.

Altogether, the Fire Protection District (and the Nashville Volunteer Fire Department) fielded 148 calls in 2015. That number breaks down into:

• Four structure fires (down from eight in 2014)

• 13 calls for vehicles or farm equipment (12 in 2014)

• 10 for grass/brush/woods or refuse (19 in 2014)

• Seven accidental alarms (Nine in 2014)

• 68 accidents or rescues (43 in 2014)

• 13 hazardous incidents (Nine in 2014)

• Nine smoke scares (one in 2014)

• 14 calls for mutual aid or assistance to other departments (16 in 2014)

• 10 police or ambulance assists (Four in 2014)

The property damage estimate for the year was $414,500, down from $525,500 in 2014 and a ten year high of $1,827,000 back in 2006.

The breakdown of calls per month is as follows: January, 14; February, 13; March, 16; April, eight; May, eight; June, 10; July, 11; August, 5; September, 17; October, 13; November, 11; and December, 22, the most for the year.

While the fire department has worked very hard for 2015 (and will surely continue to do so in the future), why not take this report as a friendly reminder to make their job easier and not become one of the statistics here? Be safe with fire and while in your vehicle, and remember to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly and change their batteries as necessary.