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Super Bowl SundayNCHS Superintendent’s Notes – February 3, 2016

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

Super Bowl Sunday is upon is. This weekend the Carolina Panthers will play the Denver Broncos and a champion of the National Football League will be crowned. I’m sure many of our students will be glued to the television for the non-stop coverage of the big game.

What madness affects people in such a way that they will spend over $4,000 for a single seat to a three hour sporting event? I enjoy professional football but there is no way that I would cut loose $4,000 for a seat even if my favorite team….the Dallas Cowboys, were playing. Fortunately, as sad as my Cowboys have been for the past several years I haven’t had to make that decision.

One of the many big winners that Super Bowl Sunday generates is the advertisers. This year’s Super Bowl is set to fetch $5 million for a thirty second spot. It doesn’t look like NCHS will be seen this year on CBS!

Another winner on Sunday will be pizza. Statistic Brain. Com reports that Pizza Hut can expect to sell at least 2 million pizzas, Domino’s delivery drivers will log some four million miles but they can expect their tips to jump from $2 to as much as $20 per house call.

Many folks will have Super Bowl parties. Friends and family will get together to socialize and cheer on their favorite team. Some will paint their faces or other parts of their body as a show of loyalty. I was never a fan of body painting. I prefer to use the Super Bowl as a reason to stuff my face with as many of those little smoked sausages as I can choke down. One year, my son “out sausaged” me. He had toothpicks stacked up like a small lumber company. He made a rookie mistake. He let the wonderful taste of those tiny treats override common sense. We all paid for his blunder later, however, as we got to hear the sound of heaving and gagging echoed throughout our house. Here is a helpful hint……make sure Pepto Bismol is easily accessible during and after the big party!

Super Bowl Sunday is a chance to make family memories. This Sunday, I’ll awaken at the usual time, go to church, have lunch, then prepare for eight hours or so of football. The Lazy Boy will be positioned, the soda pop will be frosty, the chips & dip will be ready, and the little weenies will be cooked to perfection. It sounds like there is a good chance that I’ll have a wardrobe malfunction along about halftime. Yes, the belt will pop & give way to baggy sweatpants…..the official look of the Super Bowl fan!

Super Bowl Sunday