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WCVW Scores Well On 2016 IDHS Surveys

Washington County Vocational Workshop had its yearly inspection from the Department of Human Services on February 3,4 and 5. The surveyor checked all personnel files, all policy manuals and all procedures used at the workshop. The surveyor interviewed clients and staff about emergency procedures, their rights and more. He checked the buildings, the work areas, and made sure all required training was received by staff and documented. The surveyor checked that all of the regulations in Rule 119 were completed and that client files included all the necessary paperwork.

After a thorough inspection, WCVW received a core of 98% out of a 100%. The surveyor felt the clients were very happy and proud of the work they do. He also felt that the workshop staff was very knowledgeable of all policy and procedures, Rule 50, and was very well liked by the clients.

The Workshop CILA house had their 3 year survey also. Keeping all records, files and documentation for 3 years is quite a job. The same types of things were checked as per Rule 116. Besides the paperwork and files, the house is also inspected and all safety procedures/features. The surveyor felt the residents were very happy in their home and that they were all versed in their rights and responsibilities.

After the survey, the CILA house received 96% out of 100%. The surveyor felt the staff at the house had also been trained well on the policies and procedures.