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An Update On The State Theater

March 2015, the theatre was finally debt free of a borrowed loan of approximately $26,000. Since the theatre was debt free, the board voted to go ahead and barrow the money for a digital camera, sound system, screen and other much needed renovations.

The public stepped up and helped tremendously, banks; individuals; schools; churches; the 4-H club; the student council; FBLA; FFA and many other organizations to whom is owed much gratitude. The board didn’t have to barrow any money, but we are “just getting by.”

New movies are arriving relatively fast, however, besides renting the film, a royalty of sometimes 50% or more on each ticket has to be paid back to the company. Jurassic Park had a royalty of 57%. On a $5.00 ticket $2.85 was paid back to the company. To help offset some expenses such as insurance and taxes.

The annual rummage sale will be March 31, April 1 and 2. Donations and help are needed. Please call Carol Moeller 201-4218 or 327-8338. Also we are desperate for a place to store items collected for the sale.

Groups or individuals can rent the theatre. Rental must be approved by the board and a contract must be signed. For information call Carol 327-8338/201-4218 or Sara 327-3161.

Also coming soon will be a stock holder meeting to be held at the theatre. Stocks are still available if you wish to purchase some.