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PatienceNCHS Superintendent’s Notes – February 17, 2016

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

It is hard to believe but we have nearly completed the first two months of 2016. The New Year is now the old year!

It won’t be long until we will hear the marching music and the Class of 2016 will end their secondary school careers as they receive their high school diplomas. Our seniors have only three months left before transforming from being an active Nashville Hornet/Hornette to being alumni. Patience, seniors, your time is coming.

Patience is a virtue that most folks could improve upon. Nobody needs an extra dose of patience more than yours truly.

This came to light most recently when I visited a fast food drive-thru for a simple hamburger and drink. I didn’t see a single soul in line from the highway so I decided that I could spare an extra five minutes to satisfy my craving.

I was about to enter the line when a minivan pulled in front of me. A minivan in a fast food drive up line is never a sign that the visit will be a quick one. I sat in line as the minivan pulled to the speaker to order. One by one, I saw little heads bopping up and down through the back window. How many kids can be in there? 10? 20? What can they be ordering to take some ten minutes to speak? Finally, the van pulled around to the window to complete their meals on wheels experience.

All I wanted was a hamburger and drink…..pickles, mustard, onion on the burger….Pepsi on ice and I’m happy.

“Could you repeat your order?” I was sure the waitress was frazzled by the fifty kid meal orders that were the minivan. I repeated. “Do you want fries?”

By now, my patience is as thin as a strand of hair. I thought, no, I believe the burger will clog enough veins so I don’t need the grease soaked fries on this visit. I thought, no, if you can simply get my order correct that will be a miracle in itself.

I pulled around to find the minivan still sitting awaiting their feast. I sat and sat and sat. Finally, the window opened.

A gleam entered my eyes. My burger with pickles, mustard, and awful smelling onions was just seconds away.

I observed the multiple sacks being handed to the van. The window closed. I put my car in gear and was ready to receive my treat. The window opened again. More sacks were handed out the window. The window closed. Saliva dripped down my chin. By now I could have eaten two or three burgers.

The brake lights on the minivan went on like beacons signaling to me that my craving was soon to be satisfied. No! The brake lights went off. The window opened for me to see mass quantities of drinks being handed out. I nearly cried.

There they go. My turn! Twenty five minutes of waiting.

I paid, grabbed my food, and off I went. I stopped at the exit, unwrapped my burger like a kid opening a Christmas present, threw the wrapper in the back seat and took as big of a bite as possible.

Pickle, onion…and ketchup! Not a drop of mustard to be found!

My advice to our seniors is to be patient during the rest of the school year.

Both joy and disappointment await you upon leaving NCHS.

My hope for you is this. Mustard or ketchup…may you always have life your way.

Let patience be the condiment on your character. You’ll need it at the drive thru!