Small Horizons Donates Children’s Books To Nashville Public Library

The Nashville Public Library has received a large donation of self-help books for children to read. They are written from a children’s point of view and will help them understand how to deal with problems that they encounter in life.

Small Horizon imprint features children’s books written by teachers and mental health professionals that teach children crisis, coping, tolerance and service skills.

They provide books which fit the growing needs of our society’s children, whether it be to aid a child coping with death, reach out to a child in trouble or help a child reach his or her full potential.

The books are as follows:

• A Home for Ruby – Helping Children Adjust to New Families – by P. J. Neer, PhD

• A Treasure Hunt for Mama and Me – Helping Children Cope with Parental Illness – by Renee Le Verrier

• Cassandra Gets Her Smile Back – Teaching Children to Care for Their Teeth – By Sherri Alpert, D.D.S.

• Cats Can’t Fly – Teaching Children to Look Out For Each Other – by P. J. Neer, PhD

• David and the Worry Beast – Helping Children Cope with Anxiety – by Anne Marie Guanci

• Finding the Birthday Cake – Helping Children Raise Their Self-Esteem – by Elizabeth Wagele

• Harry the Happy Caterpillar Grows – Helping Children Adjust to Change – by Cindy Jett, MSW

• I’m So Angry, I Could SCREAM – Helping Children Deal with Anger – by Laura Fox, M.A.

• I Don’t Want to Go To School – Helping Children Cope with Separation Anxiety – Nancy Panda, LICSW

• I Want It Now! – Helping Children Deal with Frustration and Disappointment – by Chris Loftis

• Joni and the Fallen Star – Helping Children Learn Teamwork – by Cindy Jett Pilon, MSW

• Jessica’s Two Families – Helping Children Learn to Cope with Blended Households – by Lynne Hugo, LPCC

• Maddi Patti and the Great Curiosity – Helping Children Understand Diabetes – by Mary Bilderback Abel and Stan Borg, DO, FAAFP

• My Stick Family – Helping Children Cope with Divorce – by Natalie June Reilly and Brandi J. Pavese

• Not Everyone is Nice – Helping Children Learn Caution with Strangers- by Frederick Alimonti and Anna Tedesco

• Owen Has Burgers and Drum – Helping to Understand and Befriend Kids with Asperger’s Syndrome – by Christine M. Shells with Frank R. Pane, MAE, BCBA

• Paul the Pack Rat – Helping Children Learn to Share – by Vickie J. Belmore with Corey Hoover, M.Ed

• Siggy’s Parade – Helping Kids with Disabilities Find Their Strength – by Blanche R. Dudley, EdD

• Stan the Timid Turtle – Helping Children Cope with Fears About School Violence – by Laura S. Fox, MA

• Stop Bullying Bobby! – Helping Children cope with Teasing and Bullying – by Dana Smith Mansell

• The Boy Who Sat By The Window – Helping Children Cope with Violence – by Chris Loftis

• The Empty Place – A Child’s Guide Through Grief – by Roberta Temes, Ph.D.

• The Mouse Family’s Most Terrible, Terrifying Day – Helping Children Cope with Terrorism Fears – by Erik DePrince and Jessica Volinski

• The Smith Family’s New Puppy – Helping Children Cope with A New Family Member – by Dana Smith Mansell, M.S.

• The Special Raccoon – Helping a Child Learn About Handicaps and Love – by Kim Carlisle

• The Tale of the Teeny, Tiny Black Ant – Helping Children Learn Persistence – by Teresa R. Allen, MSW, LISW

• The Words Hurt – Helping Children Cope with Verbal Abuse – by Chris Loftis

• There’s A Skunk In My Bunk – Helping Children Learn Tolerance – by Joseph T. McCann, Psy.D.

• They Call Me Fat Zoe – Helping Children and Families Achieve Healthy Lifestyles – by Dr. Don Martin, Dr. Magy Martin and Dr. Paige Krabill

• Tommy and the T-Tops – Helping Children Overcome Prejudice – by Frederick Alimonti and Ann M. Tedesco, PH.D.

• Up and Down the Mountain – Helping Children Cope with Parental Alcoholism – by Pamela Leib Higgins

• When Devon Met Oz – Helping Children Cope with Depression – by Dr. Magy Martin, Dr. Don Martin and Erin Martin

• Why Can’t Jimmy Sit Still? – Helping Children Understand ADHD – by Sandra L. Tunis, Ph.D.

You may contact New Horizon Press by mail at PO Box 669, Far Hills, New Jersey 07931, by phone 908-604-6311, by website, or check our your local library.