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Relay For Life 2016: Will Your Fundraiser Help Bring The Next Research Breakthrough?

By Rebecca Ruehl

Washington County Relay For Life

I love to read so it’s pretty easy for me to get sidetracked when writing these articles. I come across so many interesting things in my research that I forget what I’m supposed to be covering. It happened this week. I was supposed to be telling all of you about “where the money goes.” I.E. when you give $50 to a Relay for Life fundraiser, how is that money used? In the middle of finding out exactly where the money goes, I came across a gem of an article that just blew that “where does the money go?” article right out of the water.

It was about leukemia (which is very dear to my heart – thank you Emilie) and this researcher in Seattle who put 93% of his patients into remission using their own immune system. Basically, this doctor figured out that if he rejiggered a patient’s immune system by engineering their own T-cells to attack the cancer at its source – the blood, lymph nodes or spleen – the patient’s immune system would kick into gear within 30-60 days and eliminate the cancer. Period. Gone. Buh-bye. Take the walk, loser.

The patients in his study completely failed conventional treatment. They failed standard chemotherapy regimens, they failed bone marrow transplants, and they failed experimental treatment following standard protocol. All of the patients had experienced remission but relapsed. Dr. Stanley Riddell got the worst of the worst patients – the ones who basically were told ‘take that vacation now’ and instead cured them. DID YOU HEAR ME? HE CURED THEM. He just presented his findings at some fancy conference in Washington DC where I hope the other researchers in the room sat with open mouths and fingers frantically scribbling crib notes as they heard him detail his wonderful news.

Guess what this humble doctor ended the presentation with? That he was HOPEFUL that the research he’d discovered so far could be interpreted by other researchers to find the cure for breast and colon cancers – other cancers that are not blood-based. He is giving it freely to whoever wants to expand on it and try it on other lost-cause cancers. He’s not keeping it his secret, he’s not holding on to the glory. He truly wants to find a cure – and I think he’s probably going to earn the Nobel Peace Prize in science for this ground-breaking work.

People, we are getting this close to finding THE CURE. It’s an exciting time, for sure, in cancer research – one that is finally filled with a lot of hope. But they’re going to need a lot of money so, your homework assignment this week is to support a Relay for Life fundraiser by opening your wallet and throwing in an extra $20 – or going online and doing it. It’s quick and fairly painless ( Better yet, start a team and see if you can snowball that donation into a whole lot of research dollars.

You can read the whole article – then google the good Dr. Riddell and read more about this new game changing research. Start here

Relay for Life of Washington County is Saturday, May 7 at the NCHS track.