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Letter: Fred D. Klug, Ph. D., To Run For Coroner

Fred D. Klug, Ph. D., To Run For Coroner

I have been a resident of Washington County since 1994, and I am pleased to announce that I am a candidate for coroner of Washington County. Part of my decision to run is based on my experience in the U.S. Army. I was a medical lab specialist; one of my Army jobs was to assist the pathologist during autopsies, which taught me a great deal about medicine, death, and its causes, especially mysterious deaths.

Another factor affecting my decision is my experience in forensic psychology. The most significant aspect related to the coroner’s job is the work I’ve done on murder cases for nine Southern Illinois counties. In that profession, I analyze evidence and motives in order to develop an expert opinion about what happened and to testify about it in court.

Fortunately, we do not experience the number of murders that several counties in our region do. Because of that I feel that my experience as a clinical psychologist can help the county with other problems that have been increasing. I have a great deal of experience with addictions. Addictions, especially heroin recently, has been moving west from St. Louis; but meth, cocaine, and others have been and will continue to be serious problems. Addictions affect many more people than the addicted person – family, friends, employers, co-workers – in a word the entire community. Prevention is many more times effective that treatment.

Suicide prevention is another area I plan to assist more closely. There is no treatment for a successful suicide; prevention is the only method that is effective.

As I mentioned, there is not as much coroner’s work in our county compared to others. As your coroner, I plan to bring the prestige and power of the coroner’s office to help address these problems before they become coroner cases. I plan to work closely and regularly with the municipal police forces, county Sheriff, and State Police, as well as the agencies involved in addictions and suicide.

Thank you for your consideration. Please cast your vote for me – Dr. Fred Klug – to help keep our county the best in Southern Illinois.

– Dr. Fred Klug, Ph. D.