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February Weather Runs The Gamut

February was a month of both warm and cold, and both snow and rain. In other words, it was a good microcosm of Illinois weather in general.

The first five days of February saw some pretty warm highs– two days of 68-degrees and three at 66-degrees. The lows in that same five day period went from 39 all the way down to a brisk 23.

Less than a week later, winter was back, with a high of 23-degrees on Feb. 11 and a low of 14. The lowest temperature of the month was on February 13, in the same cold streak, when the mercury dipped down to 11.

Spring-like temperatures would return as well though, with temperatures in the 40s, 50s, 60s and whoa, a 75-degree high for the month on Feb. 21. The average high for the month was 48.1-degrees, and the average low was 28.1-degrees. So despite the peaks and valleys, it sound like an average southern Illinois February.

There was 2.24-inches of rainfall during the month, spread out, for the most part. 0.81 inches fell on Feb. 21, and 0.79 inches came down on Feb. 24.

As for snow, there was 3.3 inches of total snowfall. One inch came down on Feb. 9, and 0.8 inches on Feb. 11. The rest of the snowfall was spread out on days that saw a half-inch or less come down.