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Protecting Your Assets- Farm SecurityU of I Extension News

Protecting Your Assets- Farm Security

There was a time when locking your doors, leaving a light on and having good neighbors was all you needed to protect your home and property. Today the farming community and rural property owners need to consider more options that truly protect the farm and home from theft, fire, environmental hazards, vandals, drug activity, liability and more. In addition, animal welfare, staff, and equipment also need protection and monitoring.

University of Illinois Extension will host a ‘Protecting Your Assets; Farm Security’ seminar on Wednesday, March 23 at 7:00 pm at the Breese Extension office at 1163 North 4th Street (old RT 50). Participants will receive comprehensive information and updates on Farm Security. Learn how to recognize your critical assets and develop a plan to protect them. Presentations will be delivered by Extension staff; Randy Kniffen, a thirty five year experienced farm insurance underwriter; and local law enforcement input to provide you with basic information often overlooked when securing your property. Security Alarm Cooperation will share what technologies are available to enhance security on your farm.

Technology offers us more options to monitor and protect our assets. You will have the opportunity to see video footage of birthing areas, milking parlors, many of which can be set up for remote viewing for monitoring. Automation systems for controlling doors, detecting water, and temperature control are also available to further protect your assets. This is a great time to learn and see what’s available plus share your needs in a learning environment.

There is no fee to attend this meeting. Light refreshments will be served. Advance register by calling 526-4551 by March 18.

University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, contact the extension office at (618)327-8881