Chamber Meeting Notes – March 16, 2016

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce met Wednesday, March 9 for their General Membership meeting. Director Doris Povolish reported that there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on March 29 at 4 PM at the new Kaskaskia College Education Center on Route 127, just north of Nashville.

The Volunteer of the Year Banquet was held on Monday, March 14 at the American Legion Home in Nashville. This year’s winner is Gary Farris, who was one of the main contributors to getting all the work done on the renovated L & N Train Depot in town.

She also reported that membership is up to 111 and some new names include the Oakdale Country Kitchen and Illinois Real Estate Services.

There are some upcoming events that the Chamber puts together and that includes Reality Day for the 8th graders of Nashville on April 14, a couple days later than originally scheduled, as well as Spring Madness on April 15 and the Golf Tournament on June 3, so be sure to mark your calendars. Volunteers are needed to help with Reality Day, so call Povolish to get more information.

The guest speaker was Nathan Meinhart, Vice President of Business Development for Innovative Staff Solutions, a company that works with other businesses to find employees. He reported that the business was started by his parents in 1994 and they are based out of Mattoon, but have 7 branches, including the one in Nashville, as well as 14 onsite locations and a call center throughout Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.

Companies reach out to other agencies to find employees, and ISS is a company that helps businesses find a temporary employee that can become a full-time employee. There are challenges and expenses in hiring that some companies do not want to be involved with now, so they would use an employment agency to screen for potential employees. They also cover unemployment costs, workman’s compensation costs, recruiting costs and payroll taxes. Right now, most of their clients are in the light industry trade. He reported that they currently have 4 to 5 clients out of this office, which covers the area from Centralia to Sparta, and they employ approximately 350 people through this.

Meinhart also said there are employee trends that are changing. The way people look for jobs is now more through social media and the internet than looking through the newspaper. Another change is that they don’t want to work 50 hours per week, but rather 30 hours per week, so companies are now being flexible with their scheduling. People want to work less and make more, but sometimes they will take a dollar less to get the flexible schedule. Employers are desperate for employees and to get production out, that they are trying anything. Also, the employees are less concerned about benefits and insurance than they are about the highest dollar. If anyone has any questions, they can call Nathan Meinhart of Innovative Staff Solutions at 217-234-8810 or 217-273-3002.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, April 13 at Girolamo’s in Nashville at noon.

Chamber Meeting Notes