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Fine Arts FestivalNCHS Superintendent’s Notes – March 16, 2016

By Ernie Fowler – Nashville CHSD #99

We have a couple of great events coming up this week at NCHS. First of all, come on down to the school tomorrow night at 6pm as we host the fine arts festival beginning at 6pm. We will have students from around the area showcasing their talents. I’m sure it will be a great evening as young people in all grade levels will demonstrate their creative abilities. One thing that I’ve learned about Nashville is that our kids are super-talented. You won’t be disappointed by visiting this tremendous event.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday our drama club will present the play called “The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales”. The title alone should be enough to peak your curiosity to see this performance. Friday and Saturday night will be a 7pm start while Sunday is a 3pm afternoon matinee. I know that Ms. Cloud and the Drama Club have been working hard to put on a quality show.

While Nashville may be called a “sports town”, that is way too narrow of a label for our community. Yes, our folks in Nashville love and support the Hornets and Hornettes. Our students are enthusiastic about our teams. This was evident during our high school boy’s Sectional Championship game. I had opportunity to be a part of the student cheering section. Our students dressed up in red, white, and blue. They cheered wildly. They were loud and proud. I was proud of our young people for their spirit but was more proud about the sportsmanship they showed. The signs they made were clever but not disrespectful.

What folk outside of Nashville may not realize, however, is that our community and student body are equally avid about our fine arts programs. We have a rich history of success in music, drama, and art. Not only are our students athletic and creative. They have a history of being smart! The Scholar Bowl team is not unfamiliar with championships. The WYSE team isn’t unfamiliar with state competition. The Olympiad team has also shown folks around Illinois just how sharp Nashville students are.

I’m looking forward to the Fine Arts Night and the school play. I especially want to learn more about the Stinky Cheese Man. I am bound to be considered a bit more sophisticated when I can share Fairly Stupid Tales at my next social gathering!

Fine Arts Festival