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It Happened HereMarch 16, 2016

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


The total of applicants for Old Age pension is Washington County reached 283.

Fire, which originated from sparks on a defective flue, destroyed the home of Albert Brown and family, west of Richview.

Okawville High School finished third in the Odin district basketball tournament.

Deaths: Ida Cohlmeyer, 70, of Nashville; Stephen Bogucki, 75, of Bolo Township; and Albert Drummond, 21, formerly of Nashville.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Granneman exhibited three rare chicken-guinea hens which had been hatched on their farm near Elkton.

Over 65 percent of the Washington County teachers received less than $100 per month for teaching.

Pillow cases sold for 59 cents while guest and tea towels were 25 cents each at the Style Shop in Nashville.

Deaths: David Hazlip, 84, and his wife, Elizabeth Hazlip, 86, both of Richview; Ann Marcus, formerly of Nashville; Betrand Seymour, 55, a native of Nashville; E.A. Brucher, 50; and Leonard Wetzel, 43, formerly of Beaucoup.

Seventy Years Ago


Dr. F.W. Shcroeder reopened his dental office in the Holston Building in Nashville after two years in the Navy.

“The Bells of St. Mary’s” was playing at the State Theater in Nashville starring Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman.

Washington County soldiers discharged included: Private Ezra Jones; T/M Norman Struckmeyer; Sgt. Ethel Morrison; and Richard Sherman of the Navy.

Deaths: Mrs. Henry Ankersheil, 64, of Nashville; Mrs. K.A. Steinhauer, 74, of Nashville; Kate Harbke, 58, formerly of Washington County; Casimer Spotanski, 85, of Du Bois; John Hendrick, 72, of Marissa; Emma Brehm, 69, of Ashley; Henry Roesener, 76, of Hahlen; Rev. Paul Elsen, formerly of Washington County; Mrs. Corrington Livesay, 83, formerly of Nashville; and Anna Eigenrauch, 62, of Nashville.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Paul Wiese was appointed truant officer and probate officer by the county board.

Confirmands at Trinity Lutheran Church in Nashville included: John Boester, Jo Ann Hermeling, Marion Koester, Clarice Reinhardt and Gladys Ann Schwankhaus.

Confirmands at St. Paul Evangelical Church included: William Brehm, Ann Gilter, William Joe Hug, Jeannine Kastrup, Luella Marquard, Vernon Moeller, Harold Prusz, Patricia Reuter, James Richards, Lester Wiese, Hazel Wilson and Franklin Gary Witte.

Local grocery prices included bananas at two pounds for 29 cents and donuts at 17 cents a dozen.

Deaths: Mrs. J.H. Hahne, 81, of Nashville; David Piper, 71, of Oakdale; George Pienke, 51, of Cape Girardeau, MO; Mrs. Alfred Rixman, 51, of Huegely; Mrs. J.B. Bogle, 82, of Maryville, TN; Joseph Borowiak, 58, of Ashley; Henry Roethemeyer, 79, of Hoffman; and Gertrude Pitchford, 64, of Cravat.

Sixty Years Ago


Hubert Vogt and Virgil May bought the Kastrup Building from Walter Kastrup which included the bowling alley, Pine Bowl, and living quarters.

Deaths: Elizabeth Patton, 80, formerly of Washington County; Christian Nehrkorn of Du Bois; Dr. George Livesay, 67, formerly a dentist in Ashley; William Franzlau, 86, of St. Louis; Theodore Louis Pokorney, 38, of Du Bois; and Stanley Grajek, 73, of Posen.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


Nashville Library Board purchased the property at 100 West Lebanon Street for a new home.

Ralph Bartelsmeyer was named president of the American Road Builders Association.

Deaths: Mrs. L.H. Carson, 88, of Sparta; Frank Eigenrauch, 84, of Nashville; John Rybicki, 93, of Posen; August Ohlemeyer, 90, formerly of New Minden; Martha Borowiak, 83, of Ashley; Henry Lehr, 89, of Darmstadt; Bertha Thomas, 71, formerly of Ashley; and Stanley Majewski, 64, formerly of Tamaroa.

Fifty Years Ago


Helen Gilter rolled a 664 series at Don’s Bowl in Nashville.

Hulda Hildebrand, George Small and John Barr were appointed to the Washington County Hospital Board.

Annexation of parts of Plum Hill Township and all of Oakdale, Pilot Knob, Bolo and Du Bois Townships were being considered by the Kaskaskia Junior College District.

Easter fashions featured at Back’s Department Store in Nashville included women’s dressy dresses from $6.98 to $12.98.

Deaths: Mrs. John Ragland of Springfield; Alvina Brueggemann, 83, of Addieville; Anna Jasper, 74, of Stone Church; Louis Arning, 80, of Hoyleton; and Elmer Voss, 68, of Alton.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Monica Schmitt of Nashville was one of 30 candidates for S. Pat’s queen at the University of Missouri in Rolla.

A barn on the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rennegarbe, northwest of Addieville was destroyed by fire.

Connie Boeschen of Venedy was presented a trophy for Miss County Fair Contest held in Springfield.

James Baldwin of Nashville received recognition as a leading agent at a convention sponsored by Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co.

The Okawville area telephone service was upgraded to approximately 192 rural multi-party customers and 122 urban four-party customers.

Berrie Harris escaped from three men with a double-barreled shotgun who tried to take a large sum of money from him after he withdrew it from the Ashley State Bank.

Deaths: William Rumig, 82, of Nashville; Minnie Niermann, 93, of Okawville; Cecil Tucker, 68, formerly of Ashley; Cecelia Czerwinski, 82, of Westmont; John Kenneth Lane, 76, of Nashville; Eva Altmansberger, 81, of Nashville; Albert Brink, 84, of Nashville; Fred Gerding Sr. of St. Louis; Roman Dressler, 64, of Sesser; William Koelling, 91, of Centralia; and Leona McCauley, 74, of Coulterville.

Forty Years Ago


Father Paulin Dobkowski was one of 13 priests of the Belleville Diocese to be named Honorary Prelate by His Holiness Pope Paul VI with the title of Reverend Monsignor.

Postmaster Hedwig Schuette reached the age of mandatory retirement after having worked in the New Minden post office for over half a century. She turned over the operation to Dorothy Harmening, officer in charge.

Deaths: Minna Noehle, 85, of Okawville; Amanda Doepke, 79, of Stone Church; Estelle White, 81, of Du Bois; Lorence Grzegorek, 87, of Nashville; Herschel Ragen, 68, of Carlyle; Anna Eliza Frederking, 82, formerly of Coulterville; Ed Johnson of Tempe, AZ; Sister Mary Leonina, 77; and Mary Sugg, 93, of Greenville.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


The former Seefelt Service Station of Route 15 west of Plum Hill was razed.

Local grocery prices included smoked ham at 69 cents a pound and round steak at $1.99 a pound.

A three-vehicle accident on Route 51 north of Route 177 killed Melana Riechman, 54, of Irvington.

Other deaths: Norman Frieman, 70, of Nashville; Harold Skibinski, 65, of Richview; Leo Jolliff, 63, of Centralia; Robert Meyer, 48, of Carlyle; Mary Pelker, 82, a native of Radom; and Sharon Johnson, 20, of Batavia.

Wedding: Shelley Kehrer and Jeff Laujhnen.

Thirty Years Ago


Washington County special prosecutor Gene Gross elected not to file charges against former Ashley police officer Charles Schubach concerning a retail theft complaint.

A title search proposed site of an auto parts plant north of Nashville reveals an 1868 deed for a family cemetery. The four known graves were removed and taken to the Kennedy Cemetery.

The Hoyleton Trinity Lutheran girls grade school basketball team won its second straight state title in Arlington Heights.

Deaths: Ruth Gorman, 89, of Nashville; Gerald Spear Sr., 64, of Ashley; Flora Roesener, 81, of Nashville; Anna Moehle, 92, of Okawville; Florence Bondurant, 88, of Lees Summiet, MO; Alma Hagen, 82, a native of Nashville; Arthur Koch, 79, of Nashville; Albert “Bud” Chesnek, 80, formerly of Woodlawn; Alvira Heller, 69, of St. Charles, MO; Ralph Krughoff, 81, formerly of Nashville; Dr. John Slizewski, 72, of Baldwin, MO; and Carl Johnson, 70, of Highland Park, CA.

Wedding: Julie Carson and Jim Boshell.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Over 30 units were in a Washington County Operation Home Front Parade and Rally following the Persian Gulf War. A crowd of around 300 participated.

Doug Decker resigned from the Nashville Police Department to join the Southern Illinois Drug Task Force.

Stiegman Brothers Construction of Nashville was selected to remodel the former Gutzler Furniture of Highway 127 South in Nashville. The building was to be occupied by the Family Medical Center, Nashville Pharmacy and other prospective tenants.

A special use permit was granted for the City of Nashville to locate a water treatment plant in Beaucoup Township.

The Optimist Club of Nashville completed the initial steps for chartering, and was planning to hold an organizational meeting.

A Nashville Chamber of Commerce chicken and beer dance netted a profit of $1,106.60 for Memorial Park playground equipment.

Deaths: George Lake, 86, of Okawville; Sylvester Baliborski, 76, of Belleville; Melvin Meier, 72, of Nashville; Arthur Koetting Sr., 93, of Mascoutah; Alta “Bob” Williams, 77, of Woodlawn; Mary Szarynski, 82, of Florissant, MO; Lille Smith, 72, of Cahokia; Alice Sides, 77, of Woodlawn; Doris Miller, 78, of Walnut Hill; Arthur Martens, 86, of Okawville; Rose Bock, 82, of Ashley; Murtle Dycus, 78, of Belleville; Fr. Peter Behrman, OBS, 94, of St. Meinrad, IN.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Aydt of St. Louis, a son; Jeff and Bonnie Gill of Pinckneyville, a son; David and Deborah Nierman of Columbus, GA, a daughter; Dale and Denise Fuehne of Damiansville, a son; Dale and Lisa Lappe of Carlyle, a son; and Jana Karch of Nashville, a son.

Twenty Years Ago


Growmark was looking into the possibility of locating a large hog producing operation near Oakdale.

The villages of Richview and Irvington dropped plans to hire a police officer to jointly patrol their community.

A 12-pack of Pepsi or Mt. Dew sold for $2.99 at Kroger.

Deaths: Monya Oltmann, 48, of Nashville; Wesley Jones, 89, of Nashville; Lee Bowers, 87, of Du Bois; Caroll Peeck, 76, of Du Bois; Ada Eggemeyer, 75, and Bernard Eggemeyer, 77, of Walsh; Sr. Loenita Betlejewski, 81, of St. Louis; Elsie Bollmeier, 92, of Belleville; Billy Boman, 70, of Coulterville; Margaret Derry, 76, of Nashville; Jack Redman, 81, of Belleville; Joseph Renneker Sr., 85, of Belleville; and Monica Hansford, 49, of Blountstown, FL.

Weddings: Danuekka Eggemann and Jason Buettner, Tiffanie Love and Terry Kozuszek; and Kathryn Maxwell and Michael Perrino.

Births: Deanna Meier and David Books of Wood River, a daughter; Brian and Angela Kampwerth of Okawville, a daughter; Richard and Marsha Hall of Oakdale, a daugher; and Mr. and Mrs. Rob Pfister of Hoyleton, a daugher.

Fifteen Years Ago


An East St. Louis man was charged with armed robbery at the State Bank of St. Libory.

Lt. Col. Agnes Boehning, a native of Hoyleton, retired after 20 years in the Air Force.

Paula Harlan, superintendent of Hoyleton School District for six years, resigned to take a job in Selmaville.

NCHS Stingers qualified for state competition. They were coached by Michelle Goostree and Marci Burkey.

Denny Hoffman took over as chairman of Washington County Republicans from Steve Tomaszewski.

NCHS was preparing to debut its new all-weather track.

Chicken breasts were $1.79 a pound and salmon fillets were $2.99 a pound at Kroger.

Deaths: Florence Lamczyk, 74, of Radom; Stanley Rybacki, 82, of Nashville; Billie Wiley, 75, of Irvington; Warren Morrison, 80, of Nashville; Frank Skabialka, 75, of Du Bois; Erwin Klingenberg, 91, of Princeton; Margaret Jarrett, 91, of Coulterville; Blanche Rensing, 68, of Nashville; Helen Nonamaker, 86, of Mascoutah; John Barczewski Jr., 81, of St. Louis; Frank Szopinski, 80, of Radom; John Scally, 62, of Scheller; Rose Brown, 73, of Belleville; and Ida Tomaczek, 85, of St. Charles, MO.

Wedding: Kristine Hummert and Aaron Wolf.

Births: Larry and Shannon Holt of Richview, a daughter; Steve and Robin Kasban of Amissville, VA, a daughter.

Ten Years Ago


Nearly seven inches of rain fell in just a few days, over twice the amount recorded in January and February combined.

In the March primary election, all four precincts in Nashville held polling places at the Community Center for the first time.

The Maschhoff’s, Inc. broke ground for an expansion that would double the firm’s headquarters near Carlyle.

Births: Erika Barbre and Brandon Shoemaker of Nashville, a son; Donald and Rebecca Taylor of Ashley, a daughter.

Deaths: Sharon Harmening, 53, of Clinton Manor, New Baden; Annamay Ham, 80, of Collinsville; and Leona Nikrant, 86.

Five Years Ago


Numerous local groups and individuals lined the streets in Nashville to pay homage to U.S. Army Specialist William Templeton, 22, of Pinckneyville, as his body passed through town en route to his final resting place.

A letter uncovered by a Civil War historian talks about how a Union regiment with over 200 Washington County troops enlisted in it came under attack by guerrillas during the summer of 1863.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department was investigating individuals suspected of home repair fraud in the area, specifically those performing fraudulent driveway repair work.

Deaths: Frieda Hotz, 102, of Millstadt, formerly of Hoyleton, March 13; Bernice Gregory, 88, of Irvington, March 12; Hattie Belinski, 95, of Ashley, March 5; Margaret Hodges, 65, of Centralia, March 13; Harry Oakley, Sr., 82, of Okawville, March 7; Mary Seyler, 80, of Okawville, March 8; Sophia Lamczyk, 97, of Nashville, March 9.