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March 9 Classic Photo: “Certified”

Karen Lunte called in to report that the woman in the Classic Photo titled “Certified” in the March 9, 2016 edition, was Helen J. “Joy” Broadwater, and the photo was dated October 27, 1965.

Where Sisco is in Nashville now, “that used to be an egg plant,” Lunte said, and Joy worked there. While the plant would eventually move to Germantown, “she ended up working for the government as a USDA egg inspector.”

“This was an award for the work that she had done. It wasn’t just for the local area, the eggs went all over.” Lunte said her mother hated the days when she would have to check the eggs for Scott Air Force Base, because there was a lot more paperwork.

Lunte stated that she believes the man in the photo was Joe Gifford, Joy’s boss from the Chicago office.