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NCHS Hosts Solo And Ensemble Contest, Student Musicians Move School Up To 7th In State

Nashville Community High school did exceptionally well at Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday.  The contest was held at NCHS.  We had 16 schools come to our competition, while 20 others were held statewide.  Nashville earned 360 points which puts them ranked #7 in the state for Class B size schools. There will one more contest to add to the point total which will take place in Nashville at NCHS on April 15 and 16.  This contest will be for large ensembles.

NCHS had 58 division I and 14 division II solos and ensemble.  All but four of these ensembles earned points for the IHSA total.  The four who did not exceeded the number allowed by IHSA.

Best of Day Awards went to: Taylor Cook/Clarinet Solo, Lucas Morgan/Vocal Solo, Jessica Clark/Flute Solo

Division I Solos

Abigail Hall – Oboe and vocal, Alex Kubiak – Vocal, Ali Boczek – vocal, Amy Harris – vocal, Austin Shorfheide – vocal, Bridget Styninger – vocal/ flute, Caleb Hallock – trumpet, Danielle Armey – vocal, Delaney Jablonski – vocal, Elijah Sexe – tuba, Emily Frederking – vocal, Evan Anderson – piano, Hannah Kobus – piano, Hope Williamson – vocal, Jake Haley – vocal, Jami Martin – vocal/saxophone, Jessica Clark – vocal/flute/and bass clarinet, Josey Campbell – vocal, Katie Dalaviras – vocal, Kolaiah Nelson – vocal/horn, Layce Boczek – vocal, Lindsay Windler – vocal, Lucas Morgan – vocal/trumpet/piano, Mackenzie Wells – vocal/horn, Maggie Stegman – trumpet, Mallory Zimmer – vocal, Mikala Koszuzek – alto saxophone, Nick Orr – piano, Patience Kitowski – vocal, Sarah Doerr – vocal, Sierra Garrison – Euphonium, Taylor Cook – clarinet, Tristen Meinert – bari saxophone, Willow Simmons – clarinet

Division I Ensembles

Boczek vocal duet, Saxophone ensemble #1 and #2, Clarinet Choir, Shorfheid/McClay Duet, Treble Ensemble, Bass Ensemble, Mixed Brass Ensemble, Flute Choir, Brass Choir, Horn Ensemble, Jazz Choir #1, #2, and #3

Division II Solos

Ali Boczek – marimba, Amy Harris – clarinet, Avery Meade – bass clarinet, Callie McClay – vocal, Jake Haley – snare, Josey Campbell – saxophone, Josie Middleton – vocal, Kailee Reemer – flute, Rachel Cox – flute, Sarah Doerr – Bassoon, Tyler Frazier – trombone

Division II Ensembles

Mixed Woodwind Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble

Perfect scores were also given to: Jazz Choir #1, Jazz Choir #2, Treble Choir and Mackenzie Wells French Horn.

NCHS Hosts Solo And Ensemble Contest, Student Musicians Move School Up To 7th In State