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Dreams and Dreaming, Part One

Dreams and Dreaming,
Part One


Susan Roethemeyer

In the evening, after television (and maybe a bedtime snack!), you brush your teeth, put on your PJ’s, and slip into bed.

The covers soon get warm and toasty on this cool night.

You sigh, close your eyes, and before too long you are asleep.

You dream of something embarrassing that happens at your job, and someone you don’t recognize is your advocate, comforting you.

You wake puzzled. Who was that person? And you were never half-naked at work!

Dreams are part of everyone’s life, whether they remember them or not.

Most often they are a replay of the day just lived, perhaps in a disguise, perhaps not.

In a disguise, they are full of symbolism, what the Freudians love to decipher as repressed sexuality.

Of course, they started working at the time when sexuality was very suppressed, so they had something there.

These days dreams are easier to figure out.

Being naked usually means you are feeling vulnerable, and the nice stranger often means you want people to be nice to you,and understand you.

Dreams are also ways the brain copes with life, shows you your hopes, and helps you solve problems.

There is no room this week to address all of those ways, but I will leave you with this puzzle until next week:

If I dream about large,
fancy buildings, what does that mean?