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Police Remind Golf Cart Owners To Renew Permits

By Alex Haglund

With the weather getting warmer, those Nashville residents with street legal golf carts must remember to get their new permits, Police Chief Brian Fletcher reminded at the Thursday, March 17 meeting of the Nashville City Council.

“Golf carts are out on the street,” Fletcher said, “and there is a couple of them that don’t have the new permits.”

The permits are good for one year, and require a safety inspection to be performed by the Nashville Police Department. Last year’s permits expired on February 28, so if a golf cart is for street use and it doesn’t have the new permit, it’s owner needs to contact the police department to get it up-to-date.

On another subject related to the police department, Councilman Erik Rolf said, “I’d like to commend the Police Department on some of the things they are doing with drug enforcement.” Rolf said that he had seen numerous reports of arrests for narcotics in past months.

“A lot of the credit for that goes to the new K9 unit,” Fletcher told the council.

Water And Sewer

The council approved the second pay request for the protective coating and finishing going on at the water plant. Councilman Doug Hargan stated that there was very little left to do.

“There will be a small balance,” Hargan stated, “that will probably come up at the next meeting when they are 100-percent done.”

The council approved the pay request for $62,799.75

Hargan also said that the city had received their 2016 drinking water quality report. While Utility Superintendent Blaine Middleton was not present at the meeting to relay the report in-depth, Hargan said, “basically, it says we passed with flying colors.”


The approved motion for added lighting on Mockingbird Road that the city approved at a previous meeting was amended, with the city now planning on installing two new lights, not five. The motion was approved with the lights to be installed at a cost to the city of $3,435.99.

According to Mayor Raymond Kolweier, the reason for the amendment to the motion was that only two lights could be added at that location under the city’s street lighting program with Ameren, if they had stayed at five lights, the other three heads would have been considered security lights and would not be included in the program.

The city received a check for $1,765.33 from the Washington County Health Department to help offset the cost of their mosquito spraying. The money comes from an anti-West Nile Virus grant.

Golf Course

The council approved a motion by Rolf to use funds received from video gaming receipts to help pay for some of the leases on equipment that the municipal golf course has, in the amount of $18,756.36.

An appropriation was also approved that not more than $2,400 per month (and less, if less than $2,400 was received in receipts that month) come from the video gaming fund to help repay the loan the golf course took out to replace the batteries in the carts. This will cease when the loan is repaid, or if the city stops receiving video gaming funds from the state. In that case, the council stated that the golf course would once again be responsible for repayment.

Rolf also announced that there is a new student pass available at the golf course. Anyone under the age of 23 with a student ID (or another way to verify that they are a student) can golf at a discounted rate.

There are also now different rates at the course for weekends (which are busier) and weekdays (when they hope to get more golfers in). Rolf said that he hoped this would attract more golfers overall.


The city property and zoning committee will be holding a zoning board of appeals meeting for the month on Thursday, March 31, at 7 p.m., in the public works building.

The February City Treasurer’s report was approved by the council and filed for audit.

The Finance and Insurance Committee will be holding a meeting to discuss employee benefits.