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Letter: Community College Student Success

Community College

Student Success

While much of the news cycle has recently been focused on the lack of a budget in Illinois, we should not overlook the fact that another group of students are about to complete their educational training with Kaskaskia College. These students will continue on, either transferring to a four year institution to complete their program or choice, or enter the employment world utilizing the skills and training they have received at KC.

In 2015, Kaskaskia College awarded 609 Associate Degrees, and more than 1,100 certificates. In our latest job placement survey, 93% of those recent graduates responded that they are employed, and 92% are working within Illinois. This information highlights the very important role that KC plays in economic development for our region. Studies have shown that those who move on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree do better at the university level than those students who start their career at a four-year school. Recently KC highlighted a young man, Anthony Hallam, who credits KC with spurring his interest in anatomy. The impact of attending KC lead Anthony to his current career as an Exercise Physiologist.

A key to a student’s success is not only starting college, but finding the motivation and support to stay with it to reach the end goal. KC works hard to assist students in achieving their goals. In fact, it’s because of these efforts that Kaskaskia College has been recognized by the Aspen Institute for Community College Experience as one of the top 150 community colleges in the nation. The bottom-line – KC is the right choice for those interested in growing and advancing their employment opportunities.

It’s also why KC continues to develop new and innovate programs, such as Geospatial Essentials, renovating our computer drafting program into architectural design and building technology, and expanding online offerings. All geared towards helping students achieve their educational goals and prepare them for the career opportunities of today….and tomorrow. So, as we close this semester we look forward to seeing you this summer….this fall and beyond.

Dr. Penny Quinn

President And CEO

Kaskaskia College