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Nashville Approves MFT Bids

By Alex Haglund

Bids for Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) purchases were approved by the Nashville City Council when they met for their first regular meeting of April on the evening of Thursday, April 7 at City Hall.

The purchases which were approved included:

• 200 tons of B.A.M. Bituminous mixture number 1, at $44.34 per ton, $8,868 total, from Glen D. Snead, Inc.

• 700 tons of CA-6 aggregate, at $11.69 per ton, $8,183 total, from Beelman Logistics, Inc.

• 39,429 gallons of Type HFE emulsified asphalt, at $1.6119 per gallon, $63,556.05 total, from Don Anderson Co.

• 1,200 tons of Sealcoat aggregate blast furnace slag at $17.10 per ton, $20,520 total, from Beelman Logistics, Inc.

• 1,200 tons of sealcoat aggregate CM13L8-32 at $5.25 per ton, $6,300 total, from Glen D. Snead, Inc.

• 100 tons of reswept sealcoat aggregate CM13L8-32 at $5.50 per ton, $550 total, from Glen D. Snead, Inc.

• 200 tons of bituminous premix cold mix, at $73 per ton, $14,600 total, from Christ Brothers. This was the only item with more than one bidder, with a bid from Don Anderson Co. coming in at $78.50 per ton.

City streets superintendent Rich Schuette presented the figures to the council. He noted that falling oil prices have impacted the amounts required to purchase the materials, stating that the asphalt was now $0.39 per gallon cheaper than it was last year.

Water and Sewer

The street department wasn’t the only one buying materials in bulk at the meeting. The city water and sewer department had the council approve the purchase of powdered activated carbon for the water treatment plant, buying a truckload of the material at $0.775 per pound, with a truckload coming to around 28,000-29,000 pounds total.

“We basically buy it by the truckload and it saves us a bunch of money,” said council member Doug Hargan.

The council also agreed to purchase a lagoon aerator to replace one that had gone down.

Mayor Raymond Kolweier stated that the council voted years ago to replace the lagoon aerators as needed, rather than buying them ahead.

“Last year we didn’t buy one,” said utilities superintendent Blaine Middleton, but now one has gone down and they will purchase a new one, with the broken model to be used for parts as necessary.

The city will be buying a 5 horsepower aerator and float assembly made by Aeration Industries, Intl., through Municipal Equipment Company. The total cost is $10,444 – $6,750 for the aerator, and $3,694 for the float assembly.


The council approved contracting for mosquito spraying witgh Greg Session. He will be paid $5,400 in two installments, and will spray 12 times.

In the month of March 342 residents used the recycling truck, bringing in 22,800 pounds or 11.4 tons of recyclables.

The city approved purchasing a new FCC communications license to cover just narrow band frequencies, at the FCC’s request. Formerly, their license had covered wide and narrow band while the city transitioned to the latter, but now that they are only using narrow band, the FCC asked them to modify their license to reflect that.

The council voted to donate $500 to Simply the Best, an educational event preparing 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from around the county for high school.

The council voted to establish a fund for all of the local share of money from video gaming, and to transfer the $42,830.77 that they have so-far collected into that fund from the general fund, with all new incoming gaming money to be deposited there as well.

The Municipal Golf Course Board’s regular meeting time will now be the second Thursday or every month, at the golf course.