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Regional Office of Education #13 Offers High School Scholar Bowl

2016HSScholarNashville BW.jpg

Ron Daniels, Regional Superintendent of Schools, hosted the annual High School Scholar Bowl on Friday, April 8, 2016. Teams from Clinton, Jefferson, Marion, Washington and surrounding Counties were invited to attend. During a scholar bowl game, teams of five players are read questions by a moderator. There are two basic types of questions: toss-up questions and bonuses. Toss-ups are questions any player can attempt to answer. If the answer is correct, the team is given a bonus question to answer that they will solve using a team approach. Participants are given a time limit to state their answer.

Centralia High School received first place. Wesclin High School students were awarded second place and Nashville High School captured third place.

The All Tournament Team is made up of students who did exceptionally well during the entire competition. Trenton Rubenacker, Hamilton County High School; Trevor Fauss, Woodlawn High School; Katie Brethorts, Carlyle High School; Garrett Jones, Webber High School; Collin Henderson, Wesclin High School; and Ben Ashby, Centralia High School received the honor of securing a spot on the prestigious team.

Pictured is the Nashville High School students that recently finished third place in the High School Scholar Bowl, which was hosted by the Regional Office of Education #13. Centralia finished in first, followed by Wesclin in second.