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NCHS Musicians Perform (Very Well) At IHSA Organizational Contest

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The NCHS Jazz Choir, TOP, and Jazz Band, BELOW, each received Division I rankings in the IHSA Organizational Contest, held April 15 and 16 at NCHS.

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By Alex Haglund

Nashville Community high School played host to the IHSA Music Organizational Contest, held on Friday and Saturday April 15 and 16.

Along with hosting, NCHS had a very strong showing in the competition itself, with the choir receiving two perfect scores and the concert band receiving one. “Choir was a tenth of a point from a perfect score,” said NCHS Board member John Hallock regarding the third judge, at the board’s April meeting held Monday, April 18, after the contest.

“I believe that NCHS was the best band in the competition,” Hallock added.

All four ensembles, jazz band, mixed choir, jazz choir and concert band receiving a Division I rating.

“Our band rose to the occasion under the direction of Mr. Browne (NCHS Music Teacher Steve Browne),” said Hallock. “They sounded amazing.”

Currently, Hornets musicians are in 5th place in the state in Class B, after finishing last year in 6th. Their scores include those from the solo and ensemble contest in March, as well as this weekend’s organizational contest.

“They always do outstanding,” NCHS Superintendent Ernie Fowler said. “I cannot believe that there is a band in southern Illinois, maybe in Illinois, that is better than our band.”

Along with being ranked fifth in class B, NCHS is also ranked 16th in all schools in the state, a nearly unprecedented achievement for a school with an enrollment as small as Nashville’s.

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TOP, The NCHS Concert Band At the IHSA Organizational Contest, held at NCHS April 15 and 16, BOTTOM, the NCHS Mixed Choir. For more photos, see page B5