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WCVW Heads To Grizzlies Game

WCVW Heads To

Grizzlies Game

WCVW would like to thank all who continue to save aluminum cans for us. We are using some of the funds to pay for the clients’ tickets to the Grizzlies ball game May 4.

We have reached 1000 Prairie Farms milk caps for Our Caps Your Cause. We will be receiving a $50 check from Prairie Farms. Thanks for helping us collect these. All caps are being given to a school that is saving them for a recycled bench.

WCVW received their quarterly check from Kroger’s Community Rewards program.

This check was used to replace the broken stereo in Bldg. 3 work area and purchase an antennae. The clients are enjoying listening to CDs, their favorite radio stations and the day games of the Cardinals. Thanks to Radio Shack for setting this up.