It Happened Here – May 11, 2016

It Happened Here

Eighty Years Ago


O.K. Allen Harold Rixman, J. Lynn Wilson, C.A. Reeder, K.A. Steinhauer, Oren Brandis and Joseph Campbell were elected to the Board of Directors of the Nashville Rotary Club.

Mayor Walter Huelsman of Nashville warned that all dogs running loose in the city would be shot on sight after a rabid dog was killed south of Nashville.

Bridal dresses at Back’s Department Store were priced from $12.95.

Four pounds of prunes were 25 cents and fresh strawberries were 10 cents for a pint box.

Henry Kaser, 21, suffered a fatal heart attack while playing baseball with friends.

Other deaths: William Seibert, 86, of Ashley; Minnie Schneider, 90, of Nashville; Joseph Lukasik, 61, of Bolo Township; and James Sterrett of Ashley.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Twelve boys and 25 girls were scheduled to graduate from Nashville High School.

An attempted robbery at the Beckmeyer Store was thwarted when the owner came back to the store and surprised the thieves. The robbers fled.

Deaths: Joseph Zawacke, 93, of Scheller.

Seventy Years Ago


Arnold Schmale opened a butane gas business in Nashville.

A coal shortage forced the L and N railroad to discontinue one passenger train each way between St. Louis and Evansville, IN. Coal miners throughout the nation were on strike.

A small amount of cash, a dozen new radios and some stamps were stolen during a break-in at the Kirchhoefer Garage in Nashville.

Harrl Beatty was elected president of the local Walther League.

Area soldiers discharged included: Sgt. Charles Fusselman of Hoyleton; Pvt. Clarence Averbeck of Coulterville; and Staff Sgt. Lawrence Moeller of Nashville.

Deaths: John Rountree, 69, of Elkton; Luella Stonecipher, 72, of Richview; Sara Jane Futhrie, 86, of Oakdale; Minnie Rhine, 72, of Alberta, Canada; Marie Zink, 63, of Irvington; and E.C. Edminston, 86, of Centralia.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Civil Service exams for the position of Ashley Postmaster were announced. The salary was $3,470 a year.

Johnnie Schubert bought the Colonial Inn from William Young.

Work was to begin on a new sister’s home for St. Ann Catholic Church in Nashville.

Deaths: Kate Burgess, 73, of Hot Springs, AR; Elmer Meinert, 46, formerly of New Minden; William Hook, 77, of Nashville; Louis Barkau, 85, of Plum Hill; and Mrs. Louis Rixmann, 72, of Hoyleton.

Sixty Years Ago


Polczynski Garage in Du Bois advertised standard rotary lawn mowers for $85.

Deaths: William Hughes, 75, of Covington; and Ned Kubicki, 72, of Du Bois.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


Gilbert Haun of Ashley was named an investigator in the Illinois Department of Registration and Education.

Heavy rains damaged the newly constructed spillway and dame at the Washington County Lake. A total of 9.57 inches of rain fell from Friday to Tuesday.

Grocery prices included ham for 79 cents a pound and two cartons of Bubble-Up for 44 cents.

Deaths: Louis Racherbaumer, 71, of Hoyleton; Albert Jurkowski, 81, of Tamaroa; and Anna McWilliams, 83, of Okawville.

Fifty Years Ago


The dwelling of Richard Pinski and family on North Mill Street was heavily damaged by fire.

Albert Oexeman purchased the local bowling alley from Don Dzengolewski.

Art and Regina Luechtefeld purchased Joe and Marie’s tavern.

A 100-acre tract of land in Johannisburg Township sold at public auction for a record $575 per acre to Roland Doelling of Johannisburg. A 40-acre tract of timber in Venedy Township was sold to Elmer Bergman of Venedy for $120 per acre.

Ernest Pelka, 26, formerly of Ashley, was stabbed to death in a fight in St. Louis.

Other deaths: Collie Stephens, 88, of Richview; Rev. Emil Hotz, 58, pastor of Friedens United Church of Christ in Marissa; Emil Finke, 72, of Okawville; Owen Reves, 59, of Batesville, AR; Rose Powell, 67, of Beaucoup; Malinda Luessehneide, 77, a native of Stone Church; Edward DeFend, 67, of Patoka; Harlan Davis, 54, of Dongola; and Grace Johnson, 81, of Cairo.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Bob Ragsdale was named assistant basketball coach at Okawville High School to succeed Mike McClure who was named baseball and assistant basketball coach at Rend Lake Junior College.

An all you can eat smorgasbord dinner for Mother’s Day at the Country Barn Restaurant cost $1.95.

Deaths: Fred Schorfheide, 73, of Okawville; Rev. Wayne W. Haun, 41, of Scott, AR; Joseph Hojnacke, 71, of Marissa; Ruia Rice of Tamaroa; Lydia Fehrman, 83, formerly of Hoyleton; Giblert Adams Jr., 48, a native of Nashville; Frank Zettler, 94, of Tamaroa; Mary B. Carman, 76, of Coulterville; and Arthur Jenke, 90, formerly of Radom.

Forty Years Ago


Larry Maschhoff succeeded Leroy Seiffert as president of the Tri-County Bankers Federation.

William Jack of Hinsdale was chosen as Washington County Highway Superintendent, succeeding Harold Absher.

Preliminary work began on land of Melvin Paul in Lively Grove Township to prepare an access rad to a proposed slope mine.

Daniel Krus of Nashville received a package to top sirloin steaks in connection with the Golden Phone program sponsored by the Upjohn Company for correctly answering questions about MGA TUCO’s growth promoting feed additive for heifers.

Deaths: Nell Hassler, 87, of Nashville; Sophia Ladendecker, 82, of Pinckneyville; Walter Hassebrock, 64, of Mascoutah; Cordelia Conners, 65, of St. Louis; Charles Jones, 66, of Nashville; Carrie Evilsizer, 74, of Odin; Elbert Kane, 80, of Centralia; and Ralph Heberer, 74, of Okawville.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


The Memorial Park Board approved a revised plan to renovate the swimming pool at a cost of $350,000.

Richard Smith was installed as pastor at St. Salvator Lutheran Church in Venedy.

Ground beef was $1.38 a pound and large eggs were 69 cents a dozen.

Deaths: Elmer “Shorty” Detering, 67, of Nashville; Arthur Karmeier, 66, of New Minden; Emilie Middendorf, 89, of Okawville; Terri Gaston, 18, formerly of Nashville; and Claudia Smith of Breese.

Wedding: Carla Shaw and Jeffrey Zapp.

Thirty Years Ago


Plans were being completed for a senior meal site in Radom.

Discussion of funding, railroad access, groundbreaking and land purchased for the Magna plant highlighted the Nashville City Council meeting.

Fresh California strawberries were 89 cents a pint and whole boneless ribeye steaks were $2.99 a pound.

Deaths: Eleanor Krolik, 68, of Nashville; Albert Davis, 74, of Nashville; Edward Joanowski, 91, of Radom; Virginia Kurtz, 74, a native of Nashville; Harold Roethemeyer, 65, of Centralia; Paul Bauza, 71, formerly of Belleville; Harry Groennert, 92, of Nashville; and Sylvester Jahnke, 75, a native of Bolo Township.

Wedding: Doris Brinkman and Fred Thurmond.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Sixteen investors asked the Okawville Zoning Board for a special meeting to review plans to build a golf course club house less than 500 feet from a residence and property owned by another party. A nine-hole golf course was being developed.

The Washington County/Nashville Enterprise Zone Board endorsed an expansion proposed for the enterprise zone boundaries at Nashville.

The Ru-Jan Mini Mall held a ribbon cutting to celebrate its grand opening in Okawville.

About a half dozen railroad torpedoes were found at the Alva Clark residence. They were believed to be of the type used by railroads in the 1950s to mold lead track connections.

Tim Mooney, 20, of Addieville was killed in a motorcycle accident in St. Clair County.

Other deaths: Alma Petri, 94, of Nashville; Matthew Ziarnek, 87, of Scheller; Edna Greimann, 92, of Edwardsville; Margaret Glazik, 69, of Paxton; Joseph Borowiak, 63, of Pine Bluff, AR; James Thomas Mayfield, 80, of Coulterville; Melvin “Butch” Jaroski, 55, of Tamaroa; and Elder Gammon, 94, of Wayne City.

Twenty Years Ago


Nashville police officer Rick Harris was honored as the top DARE officer in the state.

According to a survey, 65 percent of people in this area had a good to excellent impression of Washington County Hospital.

Police offered a $300 reward for information on vandals who disrupted phone service for a number of homes by damaging wires.

For Mother’s Day, Meyer’s Greenhouse and Nursery offered two geraniums for $16 or a pot of azaleas for $5.95.

Deaths: Linda Williford, 52, of Herrin; Norma Becker, 56, of Belleville; Delbert Hoercher, 74, of Mascoutah; Martha Megener, 78, of Vinton, LA; and Kathryn Linze, 84, of Monmouth.

Weddings: Jennifer Beckmann and Jeffrey Kujawa; Rebecca Maxwell and Ben Small; Cheryl Heuman and Lyle Suedmeyer.

Births: Mathew and Britt Simmons of Nashville, a son; Bruce and Cathy Irwin of Chicago, a son; Will and Kelly Odum of Millstadt, a son; and Scott and Staci Liske of Pinckneyville, a daughter.

Fifteen Years Ago


Sheriff John Foster, Nashville police officer Kyle Haslett, state’s attorney investigator Charles Parker and volunteer fireman Dave Barker offered safety information at Foster’s Senior Citizen’s Police Academy.

Zion United Church of Christ in Addieville rededicated its remodeled sanctuary.

State Sen. Dave Luechtefeld and Rep. Dan Reitz reported on efforts to revitalize the southern Illinois coal industry.

Thomas Colbrook caught a 50-pound paddlefish at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Mother’s Day gifts at Lee’s Variety Store included canning jar candles for $4.88 and Berry Hill Bear figurines, also for $4.88.

Deaths: Edward Luchinski, 64, of Mesa, AZ; Joseph Kowalski, 83, of Scheller; Raymond Heisner, 82, of Pinckneyville; Lester Knipp, 79, of New Baden; and Olen Hagebusch, 80, of Fairview Heights.

Weddings: Michelle Markus and Aaron Dinkelman; Curt Bochantin and Monica Grabowski Owens.

Births: Brian and Julie Dohert of St. Louis County, a son; Rodney and Annette Martin of Bonnie, a son; Steve and Kim Kurtz of Nashville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wienstroer of Belleville, a son.

Ten Years Ago


Jerry Roesner was honored as one of the Illinois Jaycees’ Ten Outstanding Young People for his efforts to collect school supplies for children while he was serving with the Army Reserves in Iraq.

Nashville City Council voted to pick up half the $5,000 tab for the annual July 4th fireworks display.

Sunseekers Tanning Salon offered 13 sessions for $35 for Mother’s Day.

Births: Garrett and Susan Morris of Farmington, UT, a daughter; Brent and Elizabeth Lehde, a son; Nicholas and Brandie Kottmeyer of Aurora, a son.

Deaths: Augusta Czajkowski, 88, of Nashville; Diane Raymer, 61, of Centralia; Lawrence Spealman, 63, of Highland; and Margaret Hammond, 78, of Richview.

Five Years Ago


Clay Maxwell, of Hoyleton, was arrested and charged with first degree murder after the body of Lauren Castellari was discovered in a lake south of Nashville.

Romeo and Juliet was performed at the Courthouse Square by Stone Soup Shakespeare.

Nashville’s Memorial Day Speaker was Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier.

The Nashville City Council purchased a telemonitoring system to help them detect problems with the new storm water pumping station.

The Nashville Farmer’s Market opened for the season.

Alison Ibendahl and Dustin Johnson announced their plans to wed in June. Don and Shirley Buhrmeister of Nashville celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

Deaths: Delphine Malawy, 88, of Nashville, May 6; Erna Meinert, 93, of New Minden, May 6; Ronnie Jackson, 71, of Colp, May 2; Mary Touchette, 94, of Okawville, April 29, Kathryn Hughes, 91, of Okawville, May 2; Larry Nehrkorn, 71, of DuBois, May 7; Elizabeth Thompson, 78, of Nashville, May 7; Helen Becker, 75, of Bartelso, May 3; Leona Michaelski, 96, of Ashley, May 10; Albert Dixon, 96, of rural Nashville, May 3.