NCHS Olympiad Takes 1st And 2nd At State Competition

olympiad 2016 Champions BW.jpg

Olympiad 2016 Champions: l to r: Jamilyn Martin, Brent Harris, Sarah Doerr, and Ethan Small (2nd place), Marsha Wedemeyer, Alyssa Lohmann, Abigail Hall, John Schroeder, and Tyler Williamson (1st place)

The Nashville High School Olympiad team set a school record by placing 1st and 2nd at the state competition. This is a 2 day competition among some of the top gifted teams in the state. We sometimes take for granted that these students continually qualify without realizing what a huge accomplishment this is. We are competing in a one class system with some private and science/technical schools and public schools 3 or 4 times our size.

Olympiad is based on hands-on competitions in the areas of math, science, language (English and world languages), music, and engineering, combined with creativity and art. Not only do students create the engineering projects to specifications, but they also test them in order to see which projects are most successful.

Qualifying for state with 1st place finishes at the regional and sectional levels and placing 1st at the state competition was the team of: Abigail Hall, Alyssa Lohmann, John Schroeder, and Tyler Williamson.

Also qualifying for state with a 2nd place finish at the regional, 3rd place at sectionals, and 2nd place at the state competition was the team of Sarah Doerr, Jamilyn Martin, Ethan Small, and Brent Harris.