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It Must Have Taken A Lot Of Practice… Hornets Musicians To Play Carnegie Hall

NCHS Musicians have auditioned for and won the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York.

This performance will take place on June 13. It is through a music festival that is run by Manhattan Concert Productions.

There will be 84 NCHS students who will be participating in the performance.

The NCHS choir will be performing at the Statue of Liberty. 106 students will be making the trip.

We have a total of 211 people going with us on the trip. Our music boosters have been helping raise money all year to make this possible. The Tri-M music honor society has done the same.

We have had a tremendous amount of community support, and some individuals have actually sponsored a few students whom would have otherwise been unable to go.

NCHS is one of 10 other schools across the country who were selected to play.