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May 18 Classic Photo: “Team Spirit”

Numerous people called in or emailed the Nashville News about last week’s Classic Photo, “Team Spirit”, a group shot of a girls basketball team.

Gina Droege contacted us to say that she recognized her sister, number 31, Stephanie (Paszkiewicz) Fahrner, who told her that she believed the photo was from Kaskaskia Colleg in the ‘76-’77 school year. Fahrner then contacted us herself saying that it was from 1977 and provided us with several more names, including number 25, Shirley Gilter; number 23, Becky (Reichert) Wessel; number 45, Willow Warren; number 10, Monica (Konkel) O’Rear.

Wessel also contacted the Nashville News, identifying herself and Gilter. Then, after she and Fahrner had communicated and she had looked over the yearbook and other class and team photos, she gave us more names, including number 53, Trudy Feather; number 55, Cynthia Tate; number 43, Nila Donoho; number 12, Patty Gigar; and number 21, Phyllis White. The coach’s name was Mary Ann Bohbrink. They were not able to tell us who number 14 was.