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Richview – May 25, 2016


Melody Turner 314-0684

Hello Neighbors and Friends are you aware that Ashley Community Committee (A.C.C) is seeking members and volunteers? If you live in the Ashley Grade School district you are welcome to join.

A.C.C is a small group of people trying to make a difference in the local communities of Richview, Ashley andRadom.

A.C.C has sponsored the plastic bench program at the A.G.S gave a pizza party to the class collecting the most plastic. A.C.C gave treat bags to all A.G.S students at Christmas. They have donated hand sanitizer, kleenex and chlorox wipes to the A.G.S.

Did you enjoy the July Celebration last year in Ashley? The city bought fireworks and A.C.C purchased fireworks and organized the event. A.C.C is busy planning the July 2 Ashley picnic now and welcomes your help.If you can’t donate your time make a donation to the A.C.C fireworks account at Farmers & Merchants Bank in Ashley. If you would like to donate a item to A.C.C for the July picnic contact Melody Turner at 314-0684.

A.C.C meets the 2nd and4th Sunday of every month at 6pm. Questions contact Melody Turner.