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Summer Is Here For City Of Nashville

By Alex Haglund

Summer is nearly here and the Nashville City Council handled a few items of business in anticipation of its arrival.

Both the Street Department and the Gas Department had requests to hire part time summer help which were approved. The street department will be seeking one summer helper, while the gas department will be seeking one new employee and also received approval to rehire returning summer employee Brock Wuebbels.

Street Department head Rich Schuette also announced that the summer hours will begin soon. From May 31 through September 6, the day after Memorial Day through the day after Labor Day, the hours will be 6 a.m. through 2:30 p.m.

As the weather gets warmer, the grass gets longer too. Now that we are into mowing season, Police Chief Brian Fletcher asked that residents be safe while mowing and to be sure not to mow their clippings into the street.

City residents should be sure to keep their lawns neat as well, as Fletcher said this year, “there seems to be an overabundance of unkempt yards.”

Summer also means that for those who hear the call of the open road, it’s time to pull that motorcycle out of the garage. The city approved a proclamation at the meeting which named May Motorcycle Awareness month.

Present for the proclamation was southeast region coordinator of ABATE Of Illinois, Mick Eddington, who spoke with the counsel about what his organization does.

“We’ve been involved with motorcycle safety in the region since the early ‘80s,” Eddington said.

Eddington also told the council that one of the educational efforts the group does is to visit area high schools and drivers education classes.

“We explain to these things to young drivers,” Eddington said, “to help make it safer for all of us.”

Eddington also said that he left a number of bumper stickers with the city and police department to put on their vehicles, encouraging motorists to be aware of motorcycles. Eddington said that other area municipal agencies have already put the stickers on their vehicles and that he hoped Nashville would do the same.