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Ask A Pastor – May 25, 2016

By Scott T. Sharp, Pastor First Baptist Church Nashville

Question: “In the current climate of ‘political correctness,’ what is the Christ follower’s response?”

It doesn’t take long to figure out that morals and values in society have changed, and ethics have become situational. For many, even truth has changed. Today truth no longer has to have unquestionable facts behind it, and no fact is considered to be absolutely true. Instead, truth is based on people’s perception of events, how they feel about those events, and how they think the events should transpire. Actual facts and truth about any situation are of no concern to many because every event is analyzed relative to their personal beliefs and opinions. Naturally then there are as many varying perspectives as there are people and so who’s to say which person is right and which is wrong? Since the actual facts and truth of the situation don’t matter, all opinions are considered equal and thus, in an effort to make sure no one is offended because of the perspective they hold, the “head in the sand” philosophy known as “political correctness” has come into vogue.

The biggest hypocrisy of “political correctness” is the willingness of its proponents to deny the existence of absolute truths by absolutely stating that absolute truths don’t exist. Thus, these proponents of political correctness make themselves liars as a result of their own rules. Yet, that fact never crosses their minds in their eagerness to demonstrate what they call tolerance or inclusiveness. Not wanting to offend anyone (except Christians), these proponents juggle all kinds of ridiculous inconsistencies trying to have things both ways. When a woman doesn’t want to be bothered with the child that results from her promiscuous lifestyle, the child is called a “non-human fetus.” Yet, if a pregnant mother is murdered, the murderer is charged with a double murder for killing both the mother and her unborn child. Obviously, the same child can’t be a “non-human fetus” in one situation and an unborn child in the other, and yet this is exactly the kind of ridiculous mental gymnastics the “politically correct” go through in an attempt not to offend anyone and have things both ways. So how should the Christ follower respond to these inconsistencies? By adhering to the truth of God’s word as found in the Bible.

Through the prophet Isaiah, God said, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Admittedly, living this way takes courage because taking a firm stand and calling something right or wrong in today’s society doesn’t make a person popular. The Christian who isn’t afraid to call sin and evil what they are is labeled with all kinds of insulting names by the “politically correct,” and it soon becomes obvious that tolerance and inclusiveness only extend to the “politically correct” point of view.

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