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Addieville – June 1, 2016


Darlene Ostendorf

(618) 424-7779

Summertime is here with humidity and lightning bugs. Enjoy a safe summer and watch for children.

June 2 begins the Washington County, IL Arts Council Summer Concerts in Memorial Park, Nashville from 6 to 8 pm.

This Thursday features the Nashville High School Band and Chorus. They are going do their songs they will perform in New York City next week. They are going to perform in Carnegie Hall. How do you get to Carnegie Hall but practice, practice, practice! Bring your lawn chairs.

Last Monday night, Vicky Buss and Darlene Ostendorf attended Clinton County Historical Society’s feature film of the Lincoln Funeral Reenactment held in Springfield last May. They also toured the Clinton County museum at Carlyle.

Since we just observed Memorial Day, I thought this article was fitting. Wanted: Election Judges Reward: Protecting your right to vote!! Would you like to help the county out with elections? If you are interested in becoming a judge or have questions about the process, please call the Washington County Clerk’s Office at (618) 327-4800 Extension 300 or stop by the County Clerk’s office in the Courthouse in Nashville. All gave some. Some gave all for freedom. Voting is freedom.