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April 27 Classic Photo: “Check In Hand”

While telling us about the photo described above, McTall also told us about the April 27 Classic Photo, “Check In Hand”, which depicted six gentleman three standing, three sitting, with one in the front row receiving a check from another. He had tried to contact us right after the photo initially ran, but the message was lost.

McTall was uniquely qualified to give us information on this 1966 photo, since he was the one who originally took it (and this is not even the first time Ralph has called us to let us know that he was the one behind the camera for a Classic Photo, the man is a treasure as far as local history is concerned).

The photo depicts Irvington receiving a check for a loan from the Federal Government to put in a municipal water system. McTall said that the photo was shot at the Farm Home Administration office in Nashville, near the High School.

In the front row are Mayor Raymond Hake, Town Treasurer Leonard Weber, and the County Supervisor for the Farm Home Administration, Merrill Blades. In the back row were Village Clerk Ray Porter, R.A. Nack, consulting Engineer, from Carbondale; and W.J. Hohlt, attorney from Nashville.

Before telling us about this photo, McTall said “Give me a moment,” whistled a little, and was able to find the photo and accompanying caption in a matter of moments. This photo and everything having to do with it would have been the coolest thing having to do with local history that I experienced in a while – if McTall hadn’t told me about the Kaiser sending an engraved Bible to Irvington just a few minutes earlier.