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Ask A Pastor – June 1, 2016

By Rev. Beverly Kahle

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

What should the priorities of a Christian Life look like?

While the United Church of Christ is not a doctrinal church, we do have tenets and belief statements that we lift up and believe.

One set of tenets comes out of our Evangelical tradition, the Evangelical Catechism, which is a series of faith questions and answers.

The first, so most important question, is, “What should be the chief concern of humankind?” The answer? “The chief concern of humankind should be to seek after the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. Matt. 6:33, Matt. 16:26.” I believe that this is a good response to the question regarding the priorities of a Christian life.

We should live a life that seeks to follow God and the teachings of Christ. Another way of saying this is our lives should always reflect and represent the Christ we serve.

Saying this, individuals can be earnestly and faithfully following Christ and putting God’s Realm first and look entirely different because God speaks to us in our individuality using our diverse interests, gifts and talents.

So, one might have a priority of evangelism, another might have a priority of justice. Still others may be led to serve God in different directions.

Each one is still faithfully trying to live out seeking first the realm of God and God’s righteousness.

Each one has a heart that puts Jesus first.

May we celebrate our diversity as Christians as we all at our heart seek to show Christ to the world.

Ask A Pastor