Nashville Middle School Mileage Club

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Back Row: Kolby Suedmeyer 458 laps, Camden Lisk 442 laps, Trey Reinburg, 611 laps, Caden Heidel 446 laps, and Gavin Birkner 454 laps. Front row: Meadow Simmons 412 laps, Belle Schmale 420 laps, and Brynn Stiegman 399 laps.

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Back row: Brance Luessenheide 496 laps, Issac Blazier 522 laps, Sawyer Price 483 laps, Evan Eberhart 630 laps, and Samuel Kollbaum 528 laps. Front row: Quentin Pedtke 515 laps, Sailor Gutzler 503 laps, Kade Sturgill 548 laps, Grady Kirchner 495 laps, and Hayden Klingeman 525 laps.

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Back row: Grant Sturgill, Seldon Kozuszek, Jaxon Goforth, Aidan Heiman, Carson Cook, Trey Reinburg, and Evan Eberhart. Front row: Daci Finke, Havalen Pierce, and Ashlyn Frazier.

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Back row: Ethan Oelze 553 laps, Gavin Baldwin 567 laps, Jaxon Goforth 619 laps, and Gave Kried 553 laps. Front row: Hannah Grzegorek 572 laps, Ashlyn Frazier 587 laps, Havalen Pierce 627 laps, Kiley heidel 585 laps, and Whitley Hunter 584 laps. Not pictured Janisha Bailey 538 laps, and Will Barczewski 569 laps.

Back row: Aidan Heiman 637 laps, Bryson McCleary 580 laps, Seldon Kozuszek 656 laps, Carson Cook 648 laps, and Kaden Gajewski 537 laps. Front row: Paige Greten 531 laps, Daci Finke 588 laps, Grant Sturgill 604 laps, and Trey Reinburg 611 laps.

Nashville Middle School finished up their mileage club last month before school let out. The kids would run weekly for nine minutes, with their laps and progress is recorded each week. The emphasis of the club was to learn about goal setting and achieve personal accountability for their health.

In seventh grade the first place finisher was Havalen Pierce with 627 laps, followed by Jaxon Goforth in second with 619 laps, Ashlyn Frazier in third with 587 laps, Kiley Heidel in fourth with 585 laps and Whitley Hunter in fifth with 584 laps. In seventh grade, Hanah Grzegorek finished sixth, Will Barczewski in seventh, Gavin Baldwin in eighth, Ethan Oelze and Gabe Kried tied for ninth, and Janisha Bailey in tenth.

In fifth grade, Seldon Kozuszek finished the most laps with a total of 656 laps. Carson Cook was second with 648 laps, Aidan Heiman in third with 637 laps, Trey Reinburg in fourth with 611 laps, and Grant Sturgill in fifth with 604 laps. In fifth grade, Daci Finke finished sixth, Olivia Wiggers finished seventh, Bryson McCleary finished eighth, Kaden Gajewski finished ninth, and Paige Greten finished tenth.

In third grade, Evan Eberhart finished first with 630 laps, floowed by Kade Sturgill in second with 548 laps, Samuel Kollbaum in third with 528, Hayden Klingeman in fourth with 525 laps, and Issac Blazier with 522 laps in fifth. Quentin Pedtke finished sixth, Sailor Gutzler finished seventh, Brance Luessenheide in eighth, Grady Kirchner in ninth, and Sawyer Price in tenth.

In the second grade, first place went to Tyse Reinburg with 550 laps, followed by Brayden Donato in second place with 492 laps, Kolby Suedmeyer in third place with 458 laps, Gavin Birkner in fourth place with 454 laps, and in fifth place Caden Heidel with 446 laps. Camden Lisk finished in sixth place, Byron Johnson in seventh place, Belle Schmale in eighth place, Meadow Simmons in ninth place, and Brynn Stiegmann in tenth place.

Overall, 87,710 laps were ran, which is 4,385.5 miles. The seventh grade class ran 26,800 laps which translated to 1,340 miles, or 20.3 miles averaged per student. Fifth grade ran 25,210 laps, or 1,260 miles, which translated to 21.7 miles averaged per student. Third grade ran 19.812 laps, or 991 miles, which is 18.4 miles averaged per student. Second grade ran 15,888 laps or 794 miles, which translated to 17.3 miles averaged per student.