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Ruby Red Jewels Meeting

The Ruby Red Jewels enjoyed a luncheon at Lu Bar & Bistro in Carlyle hosted by Karen Lunte. The ladies always like trying the different flavors of gelato there. Judy Heiman and Winona Hucksold hosted a luncheon at the Trenton House where the ladies enjoyed a delicious meal. The ladies brought their wedding photos for all to view. Everyone had much fun discussing the wedding styles and photos of the ladies and how each had changed. One of the wedding photos pictured melting candles on the altar which provided much laughter from the ladies. Those were the days before air conditioning in churches.

Recently, Laura Paszkiewicz hosted a luncheon at the Fish House located at Carlyle Lake. The restaurant features inside and outside dining. The outside deck provides a beautiful view of the lake. The interior of the restaurant is made of wooden planks and metal. Originally, the restaurant was built in 1985 but it was later destroyed by fire. “Bug” Kleber Sr., who was an avid fisherman, established the first restaurant. His son completed his dad's dreams by rebuilding and opening the present Fish House, which has been open for about a year. At first, only fish, shrimp and chicken were served. Now, the menu includes soups, salads, sandwiches and steak. The Fish House has specialty fish bowl drinks, too. Within the restaurant, there is a small bakery which offers pie, cakes, and all kinds of doughnuts and rolls for sale. In addition, they will be offering kayak and bike rentals. The Fish House is located east of Carlyle at the East Dam exit. Following their luncheon, the ladies stopped at the Bowling Alley Antique Mall. Those attending were: Phyllis Diedrich, Winona Hucksold, Karen Lunte, Georgine Hawley-May, Laura Paskiewicz, Betty Renken, Marge Rensing, Jeanetta and Leo Thompson, Sandy Turner and Ann Wojtowicz.


Luncheon At Lu Bar & Bistro