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NashvilleJune 22, 2016


Susan Roethemeyer

Settling In

Settling in is something most people do sometime in their lifetime.

When you move to another place, be it apartment, house or dorm room, you have to adjust to the new place.

The kitchen is almost always a different configuration, so you need to figure out how your dishes will fit in the two shelf cabinets when you came from a three-shelf cabinet kitchen.

And how many coffee cups do you really need?

The answer should be only about four to six.

But if you are honest, you don’t want to wash your cup every time, so you have a few more!

Same with the plates and glasses.

Unless you have a semi-large family, then you have to wash every time.

Anyway, I have found that sometimes you have to store away some of your stuff when you move, because the new place does not have the same kind of space as the old place.

The old long and narrow living room cannot hold the same configuration as the new, square living room, so a different arrangement of furniture is called for.

And different shapes and sizes of bedrooms call for creative furniture placement.

The hardest part of moving to a new place though, is having to change the patterns of moving around that you had been used to in the old place.

The pills and knives, forks and spoons are in different drawers.

You automatically go for the desk with your stamps, and bump into the sofa!

The side of the bed you used to crawl into is now on the far side, which is harder to get to.

The kitties now can look out the lower windows without having to jump on a table.

The door to the outside now opens on the other side.

You will get used to the new patterns of movement.

But until you do, don’t move too fast and break a bone!