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NashvilleJune 29, 2016


Susan Roethemeyer

“A Relative Tribute”

Last Saturday my Aunt passed away.

She died peacefully in her sleep, the way a lot of people hope to go, without pain.

She was a tireless housewife, constantly cleaning, fussing at herself when she had her hobby supplies out, thinking that it looked messy.

But she was a good artist.

She painted a beautiful woodsy scene when she was in high school, and still had it hanging on her living room wall last time I visited.

She painted a lovely mountain stream for my parent’s wedding gift.

I have a beautiful mountain lake she painted for me just about a year ago.

A few years ago, when her daughter was out visiting from Colorado, the three of us got together for a fun painting session.

And she followed her husband from place to place when he was working for the government.

They lived in Alaska, Colorado, Chicago several different times, St. Louis. and Nashville, to name a few places.

So she learned early to purge the household of unneeded things.

She loved children and dogs so much that she had a long succession of dogs and fostered a lot of kids. She and my uncle officially adopted one, and unofficially adopted another.

And now she has so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren that I cannot count them all – although she could.

One last thing about my Aunt. She had an opinion and was not afraid to let you know what it was!