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June 29 Classic Photo: “Donnie Darko’s Kid Brothers”

Last week’s Classic Photo featured two boys standing on the sides of a snow man, or rather, snow bunny.

Doris Schuette McConnell contacted The Nashville News and let us know that the boy on the right was her son, none other than the current Nashville Street Department Superintendent Richard Schuette, while the boy on the left was their neighbor, Andy Roethemeyer.

“The snow was so deep,” recalled McConnell, “It was around Easter, because they had their Easter baskets out there.”

McConnell said that she submitted the photo to The Nashville News, but said she didn’t remember which year.

“It was ‘72 or ‘73,” said Schuette on a follow-up call, “because I had those funky bell-bottom pants I finally got my Mom to buy for me.” Schuette said the photo was taken “towards the end of my grade school career.”

The Nashville News’ Nashville Correspondent Susan Roethemeyer also contacted us to let us know that the boys in the picture were Roethemeyer and Schuette and said that the Easter Bunny was made in Schuette’s yard.