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Twin Oaks Subdivision Streets Discussed By Village Board

By Jill Moon

The Okawville Village Board met June 27 and discussed the streets in Twin Oaks subdivision and whether they would be accepted by the board or not.

Streets and Sidewalks Chairman Nathan Dick reasserted his former position that he would not make the motion to accept the streets unless a core compaction test was done.

The board agreed to split the cost of a compaction test, as it has in the past.

William Riechmann, subdivision co-owner and advocating for the acceptance of the streets, said “Residents are paying taxes, and should receive services.”

With regards to accepting streets not built to code, Chairperson Sarah Deterding of the Police/Liquor Committee, said “We learned our lesson.”

At issue is the fact that rock was not used as backfill when the streets were built. This can lead to settling and costly repairs in the future.

Advantages for residents include appearing on Internet maps which is important for deliveries and having the Village take responsibility for maintenance of the streets.

Mayor David Jasper reported that longtime seasonal Street Department worker Caleb Baker has resigned and accepted a new job.

Many expressions of gratitude were expressed all around. Baker’s position will not be filled.

Jasper also reported no replacement has been found yet for resigned Zoning Board member Ken Rennegarbe. He expects to have a recommendation at next month’s meeting.

The Board approved a $250 donation to the Wheat Festival.

Good sales of soda and food were reported at Heritage Days.

Personnel Committee Chairperson Ronda Pryor reported that the 25-year-old air conditioning unit at the Village Hall had ceased to function and had been replaced.

Clerk Leland Jasper reported an inquiry from resident Robert Ferrin regarding obtaining a liquor license to hold wine tastings and sell wine at his residence in the S & S Estates Subdivision. It was agreed that more discussion was needed on this issue.

Police Committee Chairperson Sarah Deterding reported that the 2008 Crown Vic is ready to sold to the best offer with all police equipment that has been installed.

Police patrol car IFAKs (Individual First Aid Kits) are being put together and funding to assist in these has been volunteered by Top Ag.

$1,417.30 was received from the circuit clerk and $3,817.30 was received from video gaming receipts.

As of the date of the meeting the Village had not yet received the check from the state for last month’s gaming receipts.

The Okawville Village Board has a budget of approximately $1-million.

The largest expenditures for the Village are for water on one bill and $167,00 for police salaries on the other bill. (#536)

There is a combined cost of water maintenance and purchased water maintenance for $480,000. (#537)

Both of these bills were introduced by Finance Committee Chairman Morris Ritzel and approved by the Board.