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Chamber Talks Fall Festival With Nashville City Council

By Alex Haglund

Nashville Chamber of Commerce President Tom Speedie and Director Doris Povolish came to the regular meeting of the Nashville City Council held on the evening of Thursday, July 7 at Nashville City Hall, asking the council to continue helping to fund the Chamber and filling them in on plans for this year’s Fall Festival, which will be held on September 23 and 24.

“In the last year, I feel like we have done a good job promoting our city and helping our members,” Speedie told the council. Speedie mentioned that over the course of the year, Chamber membership had increased by 10-percent.

Speedie said that the Chamber would continue to work on getting people driving through on 127 to come off the road and to “Spend a few minutes and a few dollars in Nashville.”

The council approved giving the Chamber $12,000 in funds for the year, coming from the city’s motel tax funds.

For the Fall Festival, Speedie requested that the streets surrounding the courthouse be closed off for the event.

He also mentioned that he was concerned about traffic, both automotive and pedestrian, in the area north of the sheriff’s department and jail, where the bounce houses and the FFA petting zoo would be set up.

Closing off the streets there, Walnut and Kaskaskia south of it, would not be an option because they would lose a lot of parking on Walnut and those who need to do business at the Judicial Center would lose access to it.

Nashville Mayor Raymond Kolweier suggested that the only solution to the issue might be to have someone present who would be in charge of that intersection. Speedie then suggested that if they could just enforce a “no parking” policy for the space that were just in the immediate vicinity of the intersection, it would improve everyone’s visibility and safety.

“I think that will work,” Police Chief Brian Fletcher said after considering Speedie’s proposal.

Planning Commission

Jay Colbrook of the planning commission was present at the meeting, along with Mike Baldwin.

Colbrook presented an annexation in the West Lake Subdivision, owned by Craig Markwardt, where two acres was being parceled and sold to Baldwin. The annexation was for the two acres, and easement, and to allow ingress and egress access off of Reservoir Road. The council approved.

Guinzy Promoted

Bruce Guinzy received his Class II sewer license and was promoted to Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator in Charge.

The new license and qualifies Guinzy for a raise of $1 per hour effective June 27, with an additional raise of $0.50 per hour effective on December 26.

Library Board

The council approved library board appointments.

Marty Kemper and Melody Wilke will be reappointed to the board for three year terms.

Ruth Kellerman has been appointed to the board for a three year term.


The council approved sponsoring a hole for the Hornet Memorial Golf Tournament at a cost of $50.

The council also briefly discussed the employee picnic. Council members Doug Hargan and Erik Rolf will co-chair the event, with the other council members helping as needed. The picnic will be held at the Nashville Municipal Golf Course on Friday, August 19, at 6 p.m.