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Hoyleton Gazebo Built By Eagle Scout Candidate

071316 Hoyleton Gazebo After- C.jpg
071316 Hoyleton Gazebo C.jpg

ABOVE, Hoyleton Eagle Scout candidate Cole Herrmann supervises Troop 127 adult leader Alex Lietz, and his younger brother, Dillon Herrmann, during the construction of the Hoyleton Park Gazebo. BELOW, The completed gazebo during HoyeltonHofbraufest, after the dedication ceremony. For the picture from the ceremony, please see page A8.

By Patricia Rensing

The gazebo has been completed and the group above are a small part of the total project.  It was stated at the ceremony: It takes a Village – and, yes, it did.  Deb Holle was recognized as the Chair of the Hoyleton Park Foundation.  Deb began the Foundation two years ago and continues to carry the vision of making over our park and the gazebo project marked one more step toward completion. 

Cole Herrmann, Eagle scout candidate, was recognized for accepting the task of replacing the former dilapidated gazebo by virtue of selecting this as his Eagle Scout project.

Cole spoke to the gathered crowd acknowledging the project began as his goal to achieve Eagle Scout rank while giving him a taste of the real world. 

Developing the project taught Cole record keeping, deadlines, supervision, and responsibility. 

Cole thanked everyone who contributed in the fundraising and construction of the gazebo and is accepting donations for the remaining balance of the project (see end of story for address).

The week prior to the Hofbraufest saw many helping hands within the Hoyleton community swinging hammers, hefting shingles, sawing lumber and more.

At the ceremony, recognition was given to Lucas and Ben Grote for stepping up with Jim Lietz of Lietz Home Maintenance and his son, Alex, both Eagle Scouts themselves, who used their helping hands to bring the project to fruition. 

Keith Grote anchored the project home with his crew working with Cole providing additional sheeting and structure to the project.

The Hoyleton Boosters 4-H club iced the project with beautiful landscaping, adding floral arrangements and basket stands affording a finished touch to the project. 

Angie Bowman and Dustin Unverfehrt lead their group on the evening before the dedication working into the night designing and transforming the space into jaw-dropping beauty.  

Members of the Hoyleton Fire Department, Ryan Kees and Waylon Livesay, brought equipment and muscle the afternoon of the ceremony providing a glistening finish to the gazebo.

The ceremony concluded with Cole presenting to the Village of Hoyleton a certificate of ownership for the gazebo to Mayor Alan Spenner. 

Did it take a Village? Yes!  

This article is dedicated to Cole Hermann; for this young man stepping forward to give his hometown a true treasure, we now have a  gorgeous centerpiece to our park.  

Although the Gazebo is in place and complete, Herrmann still owes approximately $1,800 for the project, which had a total cost of just under $12,000.

Donations towards the balance are still being accepted. Checks may be written to the Village of Hoyleton Parks Fund, care of Cole Herrmann, 278 N. Front Street, Hoyleton, IL 62803.