Jerry And Marilyn King Scholarship To Help Send Kids To St. Ann School

The Jerry and Marilyn King Tuition Scholarship was graciously created for prospective families who wish to enroll their child(ren) for the first time in St. Ann Catholic School in Nashville and who are unable to meet the school’s annual tuition payments. The scholarship, if received, would remain in effect for the child(ren) throughout their tenure at St. Ann provided the family meets the financial eligibility requirements each year.

Scholarship applications must be received by Tuesday, August 2, 2016. The successful applicant(s) will be notified before this school year would commence. Complete scholarship applications are to be submitted to the St. Ann School Office, 675 S. Mill St., Nashville, Il. 62263. 

A completed application will include the following:

• Application Form (located at the school office)

• Confidential financial statement

• Copy of most recent 1040 tax form

Place complete application in an envelope and return to the school office by Tuesday, August 2. Please call 618-327-8741 with any questions.