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Parking Permits For NCHS Students

Starting Monday, July 18, NCHS students can purchase on-campus parking permits. Students must bring their valid driver’s license and $20 to the main office to be placed in the lottery. This is NOT a first come, first serve process. As in years past, a lottery procedure will be used in assigning parking spots. The lottery will take place during the first week of school starting with seniors first, juniors second and sophomores last. In order for a student to be placed in the lottery, they must provide a valid driver’s license and pay the $20 permit fee no later than Aug. 12. After Aug.12, students will not be entered in the lottery but will still be eligible for the remaining parking spots after assignments have been made. Students will be called to the office to pick up their parking permits during the first week of school.

If you have any questions regarding parking permits, contact Principal Brian Pasero at 327-8286.