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City Seeks Input On Expanding Recycling Program

By Alex Haglund

This month, the city recycling program collected 20,160 pounds of recyclables from 360 residents. Following the regular recycling report, the Nashville City Council had a brief discussion about the possibility of expanding Nashville’s recycling program.

“If we want to take a look at this, we need to check out all avenues,” said Mayor Raymond Kolweier, adding that options to consider would be a 24-hour recycling site and curbside recycling.

“I think there is some extra interest there,” Kolweier said.

No action was taken on any changes to the recycling program at this point, but Kolweier said that he want to notify the public, “gauge their interest and see if anyone says anything.”

Those who have an opinion for or against an expanded city recycling program or those with an idea of what form they would like to see something like that take should, presumably, contact the city and let them know.