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Nashville Eager Beavers Turn Plastic Lids Into Useful Items

Eager BEavers Bench BW.jpg

The Nashville Eager Beavers have been collecting plastic lids from various items for the past 18 months and have two items to show for it.

They were able to turn 500 pounds of lids into an 8 foot bench which has been placed at the Washington County Fairgrounds and they turned 1100 pounds of lids into an 8 foot picnic bench which is at the Nashville Memorial Park located near the playground equipment by the pool.

The Eager Beavers have moved onto their next project of trying to replace the benches in front of the courthouse. They are well on their way with the lid collection but are needing financial support to complete the project.

Collection cans have been placed in various businesses throughout Nashville. Any support would be greatly appreciated.